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Cheat codes for Firefighter F.D. 18

 Platform: Playstation 2 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1224 

Play As Dean 'max' Mcgregor

Find all of the Lost Items in the game. He is equipped at the beginning of each level with a Drink, three Water-Reactive Bombs, an unlimited Fire Extinguisher, and an unlimited Impulse Gun. He also has more HP than the standard Dean McGregor.

Level Select

Successfully complete the game.

Avoiding Cinders And Flames

When fighting a firestorm or any other major fire, aim for the base of it and keep moving. This will almost ensure that you will not get hit by any flying cinders or flames.

Backdraft Escape

When you see a door that may backdraft, open it. When it is a quarter of the way open press the X button and press either the left or the right d-pad button.

Electrifing Robots

To rid yourself of those pesky robots pull out your axe and whack em. Stand clear when they blow though.

Avoid falling through floor

In some levels, there are some tiles that have cracks in them. Avoid them. When you fall through them, you will suffer damage and are set on fire.

Using sprinklers

When a sprinkler is activated, stand under it for at least thirty seconds. Your fire gear will absorb some of the water. When you leave the sprinkler area, your HP gauge should still be flashing blue. When you now catch fire, the damage is not as great. Note: When you come into contact with fire, the gauge will return to normal and you will have to repeat this.

Move faster

While running, tapping the dodge button (X) to make Dean lunge forward. Keep pressing it and you will reach your destination much faster.

Play as Miss Crimson

Successfully complete the game with over one million points as Dean "Max" McGregor.

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