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Cheat codes for NBA Live 2001

 Platform: Playstation 2 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1521 

New Stadiums

Go to the main menu and press L1, L2, Square, R2, R1, Circle, X.

Unlock Legends

To unlock the legends players in this game you have to beat michael jordan one on one on the superstar difficulty with the rules set to default and play to 11 pts. Once you defeat him go to the roster menu- by the sign free agents and switch. You can now select any legend and get him on any team you want... even Jordan! It's not easy but it can be done.

Defeating Michael Jordan one-on-one

Make one point and the ball goes to winner mode. When he checks the ball, go with turbo Down/Left and then quickly make a circle around him, go for the sheet, and dunk away. Keep at this until you master faking him with a roll around cross over.

Easy basket

When they check the ball to you, fake the shot and they will jump. Run around them and dunk the ball.

Increase Super Star stats

Press Circle at the main menu to access the active menu. Select "Roster", then "Edit Player". A Super Star player will appear if your "Create A Player" list has no entries. Press R2 to increase the player's stats at the edit player screen. To choose a different player, press L2 to return to the "Create A Player" list. Then, press Start and change to another player.

Strong pass

Press L2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball quickly to your opponent.

Between the legs pass

Press R2 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball between your legs to your opponent.

Rolling pass

Press R1 + X in one-on-one mode to pass the ball by rolling it to your opponent.

Pro Action Replay Cheats

EC87C3B8 1456E60A

Heavy ball mode
4CA9ADE8 1456E7A5

1 on 1 mode only

Inf Stamina P1
4CAC6616 1456300C

Inf Stamina P2
4CA98F36 1456300C

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