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Cheat codes for Pac-Man World 2

 Platform: Playstation 2 User rating: 8.3 Page visits: 2379 

Kill Blinky's Frog

Butt-bounce three times on the frog's tongue when it is wooden. When frog's tongue turns to steel, jump on top of tongue and rev-roll into the frog's mouth three times to kill it.

Do not lose wedge

If you do a butt-bounce when you are falling from a high place, you will not lose a wedge. Note: Make sure that you do not fall off a cliff or platform.

Unlock Games

Collect the amount of tokens shown to unlock the different games

Pac-Man: 10 Tokens
Pac-Mania: 100 Tokens
Ms Pac-Man: 180 Tokens
Pac-Attack: 30 Tokens
Jukebox: 60 Tokens


First the Blue-ghost will talk to you. Press "x" to make him stop then he will start to launch saws at you, so be prepared. After dodging all the saws you should be able to have a free and clear run to a B-doing. Bounce on it, but ONLY when he stops moving and make sure you land on his glass. After you have hit his glass he should start throwig saws at you again. Dodge these and start again!

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