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Cheat codes for Phantom Brave

 Platform: Playstation 2 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1543 

Snakish Sword

In the tutorial called "Lifting and Throwing," the game will demonstrate how to lift and throw using a powerful Snakish sword. This sword never appears elsewhere in the game, and has techniques you can only learn from that sword. You also only have this one chance to grab it. To get the sword for your own, confine the Bottle Mail character to the sword instead of lifting it like the demo told you to. Let his three Remove turns run out and the sword is yours.

Bottle Mail Character

On Marona's island there's a large tree next to her house. You must toss four people onto the tree and have them stacked on top of each other (You can get on the roof of the house by jumping on the back deck and from their jump on the roof). From there, jump up the stack of characters and once you reach the top character, jump one more time and you'll receive a message saying you got the Bottle Mail character. You'll also receive some cash and a Change Book for jumping that high.

Extra Map 1

Beat the game.

Extra Map 10 and Baal

Beat Extra Map 9.

Extra Map 2

Beat Extra Map 1.

Extra Map 3, Etna, and Flonne (Fallen Angel form)

Beat Extra Map 2.

Extra Map 4

Beat Extra Map 3.

Extra Map 5 and Laharl

Beat Extra Map 4.

Extra Map 6

Clear a random dungeon with 30+ floors, with Level 300+ enemies on the bottom floor.

Extra Map 7

Beat Extra Maps 1-6.

Extra Map 8

Clear a random dungeon with 50+ floors, with Level 500+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Map 6.

Extra Map 9

Clear a random dungeon with 99 floors, with Level 1000+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Maps 6 and 8.


Beat Extra Map 5.


Beat Extra Map 8.


Complete the game and clear all the extra levels.

Bonus Maps

Extra Map 1: Successfully complete the game
Extra Map 2: Complete Extra Map 1
Extra Map 3: Complete Extra Map 2
Extra Map 4: Complete Extra Map 3
Extra Map 5: Complete Extra Map 4
Extra Map 6: Complete a random dungeon with over 30 floors and enemies over level 300 on the bottom floor.
Extra Map 7: Complete Extra Map 1 through 6
Extra Map 8: Unlock Extra Map 6 and also complete a random dungeon with over 50 floors, and enemies over level 500 on the bottom floor.
Extra Map 9: Unlock Extra Map 6 and 8 and also complete a random dungeon with 99 floors, and enemies over level 1000 on the bottom floor.
Extra Map 10: Complete Extra Map 9

Bonus Characters

Baal: Complete Extra Map 9
Etna: Complete Extra Map 2
Flonne (Fallen Angel form): Complete Extra Map 2
Laharl: Complete Extra Map 4
Mid-Boss: Complete Extra Map 5
Myao: Complete Extra Map 8

Phantom Island: Kill Your Own Teammates

Walk up to your teammate and press R2 to attack them. Press Toward + R2 to grab and throw them. This is useful for easy experience.

Phantom Island: Extra Money

You can find money around Phantom Island by jumping on certain places. You can find 100 Bordeaux by jumping in the stone circle in front of the house. There is also some behind the house at the bottom of the cliff in the water. There is also some on the roof of your house. Also, on the big tree next to the house you can find a book called the 'Changebook'. It is a very strong book for magic users. It is located on the edge where you can jump on to from your house'

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