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Cheat codes for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II

 Platform: XBox User rating: 5 Page visits: 3379 

Cheat Mode

Hold L + R + Y + A + B + X and press Start during game play. This will unlock options for 'Invulnerability' and 'Level Warp'. After using the 'Level Warp' option, press B to resume the game.

Level 10 Character

Hold L + R + Y + A + B + X and press White during game play. Your current character will now be at level 10, with 45 feat points and 500,000 gold.

Duplicating Items

Get next to a save point. Save your game. Drop the items you wish to duplicate. Reload your character. Pick up the dropped items. Repeat this as may times as desired. You will have the number of items you had when you saved plus the ones that you picked up after reloading.

Defeating Green Slimes

When battling the Green Slimes in the Sewers, use weapons that have large damage attacks, such as swords and maces. When attacking the slimes, hang around the edge of a corner and let them come to you. Then, ambush them when they are close enough to your character. This is the best way to battle in the Sewers, and it saves your health potions.

Extreme Mode

To unlock Extreme Mode, beat the game once. Extreme Mode requires a saved character to play.

Play as Drizzt and Artemis

To unlock Drizzt the Drow Ranger, beat the game on any difficulty. To unlock Artemis the Human, complete the game on Extreme Difficulty and start a new game. Move the cursor to Alessia Faithhammer and then press DOWN once for Drizzt and DOWN, DOWN for Artemis.

Unlock Artemis Enteri

Finish the game using extreme difficulty.

Easy XP

First unlock all the levels using the cheat menu. And use the lvl 10 cheat also. you will need it. Places for easy XP: inn, lab2, redlair, air2, fire2, earth2, water2, blair, mgate2, onyxtop, and after all of those go and do them over again. It will let you do that im at level 29 right now and it is pretty easy.

Dark possession

When using Dark Possession on creatures, you can use Flame Arrow and it will harm the creature you took control of, but the spell will stay on them as if you never hit them.

Farting dorn

When you are on the fire elemental level at the last save point just before entering the fire foundation level, stand near the last save point and wait. Instead of the Dorn heckling you to go on, he will fart. You can hear it, the controller will vibrate, and the screen will shake.

See hero's underwear!

Get any type of armor. Take the upper-body piece of armor and keep pressing A. You will soon see the heroe's underwear. If you are Vahdria, you will notice that she is wearing a thong. Try rotating Vahdria while doing this.

Mace upgrades

When you reach the point where you have to fight Trolls at Skull Gorge, upgrade your weapons. The best way to do so is to have two maces that can be upgraded. When you upgrade, use these stones for the weapons. With these weapons in hand as you enter Skull Gorge, you should have no problem defeating the Trolls that are waiting there.

Fine Lite Mace: 1 Rune Stone 1 Jancinth and 1 Jade. Combine all these on this one mace and you will have a Mace that will have the Fire and Acid ability and also have a +1 rating as well (Acid damage +1-4 and Fire damage is +1-8).

Fine Morning Star: 1 Rune Stone 1 Ruby. Combine these to create a +1 weapon that will bleed 1 round per level of the character using it.

Reccomended weapons

Get to the Keep Of Pale Night and find the dungeons (or enable the "Cheat mode" code, use the "Warp" cheat, and find "KPND"). In the dungeon, there are five levers scattered about. Once you have found all five of them, a message will appear stating that you have unlocked the cell room. Once in the cell room, you will see that the prisoners are the three main characters from Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. When you unlock a cell, the person will tell you that their weapon has been taken and is hidden in a sarcophagus that you must find. You will only get the weapon of the person that you unlock first. The dwarf will give you his Flawless +5 Axe, the wizard will give you her Flawless +5 Staff, and the archer will give you his Flawless +5 Bow. All weapons can be upgraded.

Start extreme mode with better items

After unlocking extreme mode, first start a new game in any other mode (for example, easy) with Drizzt for player one. Give him as many weapons, armor, etc. that he can carry then save the game. Then, select extreme mode and choose anyone. Bring him into the game as player one. He will have all the weapons that were given him or her.

Using the workshop

When using the workshop do not forget that you can put up to sixteen of each stone in the item. Also, if you use the Necromancer's Enchant Item skill combined with "Duplicating items" trick, you can make crafted weapons for much cheaper than normal.

Quickly complete the game

Start a game, enable the "Cheat mode" code. Use the "Level warp" cheat to go to the Keep Of Pale Night, then level warp to "bgate3" You will have finished the game. For great items, go to the keep dungeon, rescue the heroes from the last game, and get one of their magic items.

Getting the unlockable characters quickly tip #2

Activate Cheat Mode and use the "Level warp" cheat, then to to "bgate3". You will see Randalla Brasshorn talking. After the final FMV sequence, go to "Start New Game" and press Down. You will see Drizzt's name. Repeat this in extreme mode to unlock Artemis.

Getting the unlockable characters quickly tip #1

When starting a new game, enable the "Cheat mode" code then go to the last level. Make sure to enable God mode. Fight the last boss. When you defeat him, you will unlock Drizzt and Extreme mode. Start a game Under extreme mode and repeat the process to unlock Artemis. Note: Make sure to go to Chapter 3 to buy a better weapon or you will never defeat the Bosses.

Powerful shadow creatures

When in two player mode with Dorn and Ysuran, after raising both their classes by doing the special side quests in Chapter 3, get Animal Friendship for Dorn and Shadow Conjuration for Ysuran. Get full ranks in both. Cast Animal Friendship on Ysuran's Shadow Creature for double damage from its attacks, This works especially well when battling foes around corners. You can send him around and he will attack with extra damage, and you will not get hit at all. This is especially useful in extreme mode because of the increased difficulty and creature damage. Note: This also works with the summoned undead Also, it only works if the Shadow Creature is moving.

Increase rank #2

At the start of Chapter 3, go to the Purple Wyrm inn and talk to Randalla abut a new mission. This will be the misson that is set personally for Dorn. She will tell you that you need to meet with a Druid and help her with a problem. After you defeat him, take the key from him. It will open a room that has 500 gold and three chests. After that, talk to the Druid again. You will get your reward of gold and experience, as well as new abilities for Dorn.

Increase rank tip #1

Each character has their own person to talk to (except Dorn). Most of the time, these contacts ask for money. When you get a chance, pay them the amount of money they ask for. In Act 3, the character's contact will ask them to do one final mission. Do so and your character will earn a new rank that makes them even more powerful. Dorn also gets this, but not until Act 3.

Easy stat increase

This is a combination of two different methods. First go to the person who will sell your character experience, then enable the "Level 10 character" code. Then, level up to level 12. To do this you may have to use an alternate save after you finish buying experience, then reloading the save before buying experience and importing the character. Now that you are level twelve, select your stat increase then save the game in an alternate save slot. Next, continue as if you were to level again but before you talk to your NPC, enable the "Level 10 character" code. You will now be back to level 10. Level back up to level 12, then get your next stat increase. Repeat this as often as desired. Note: It seems necessary to load from the main menu before using the "Level 10 character" code, as the game seems to limit it to once per game.

Easy gold and experiance #2

To get 1,000 experience points and 1,000 gold an unlimited number of times, enable the "Cheat mode" code. Level warp to "BGate2". Talk to Randola Brasshorn and she will give you 1,000 experience points and 1,000 gold for bringing her to Baldur's Gate. After you get your reward, you will be warped to "BGate1". Warp back to BGate2 and talk to Randola Brasshorn to earn another 1,000 experience points and 1,000 gold. Repeat these steps as many times as desired.

Easy gold and experience #1

In some situations, your character may be awarded a prize of 1,000 gold and 1,000 experience points. However, before you claim a prize, save the game and get your award. Load a previously saved game before you get your gold and experience points. Then, load the character that already has the gold and experience points. Keep repeating this processes to get a lot of gold and experience points.

Easy gold

Note: This trick takes awhile to complete. Enable the "Level 10 character" code. Go to the trader and buy as many rubies as you can. Save the game, then quit. Reload that game then repeat those steps. After you feel you have enough rubies, you can sell them back to the trader. Depending on how many you sell, you can make quite a lot of money. For example, if you buy 2,000 rubies, you can sell them for close to 3 million gold It is best to use this trick before you advance past level 10 or you will be low in HP.

Entering the Elemental Planes

When entering the Elemental Planes think of where your going and prepare yourself as follows. Buy at least 200 health potions. These areas are not easy and you will die very fast if you do not have enough of them. Elemental Air: Use your normal equipped weapons and armor for this area. Also save all the way through it.

Elemental Earth: For this area, you will need to buy leather armor and wooden clubs with a damage of 5-8. This is due to the many of Rust Monsters on this plane. After you get to the entrance of the Earth Foundation, put your regular armor and weapons back on and tear the Boss apart. Go after the bowmen first or you will not survive.

Elemental Water: Use regular equipment. Nothing special is required for this plane. Make sure you save the game before you go into the foundation.

Elemental Fire: For this plane, if you feel bold and want to have some fun, upgrade weapons with the Aquamarine stone for the freezing ability.

Defeating Mordac

His "shadow" is what heals him. Move your character in the arena farthest away from the shadow and Mordac will eventually make his way to you. Then, fight him by running around keeping tight circles while periodically hitting him. When you defeat him, he will disappear and you will fight him in the final battle again. This is the same way to kill his "partner" (the one with the shield) towards the end of the game. Note: It may help to use a "quick" weapon (for example, long sword or mace; if you are using the Monk, you may want to avoid using the "sweep kick" since it takes just a little bit of time to recover from the movement).

Defeating Luvia's beasts

When fighting in Luvia's Laboratory and you get to the end where she sends two beasts to attack you, only go forward slightly. One of the beasts will chase you. Stay in the bottom portion of the room and use the crossbow on it. This is easier with two players. Eventually it will die and then you can defeat the second one in any way desired.

Defeating the Harnak

To defeating the Wayfare Inn Boss, make sure you have a ranged weapon. First, take out the underlings. Do not hit the Boss; he will not attack you until you attack him. Once all the Goblin underlings are dead, you can attack Harnak. When he starts to chase you, run towards the tables on the right. Jump to get over them. Once on the top side of the tables, line up on the corner closest to the fireplace. This should get Harnak stuck by the bottom table, leaving you free to hit him with your ranged weapon.

Defeating Argesh

To defeat Argesh, leader of the Hands of Glory without getting hurt, get a long range weapon, (for example, a bow). Stand close to the row of boxes where there is a gap. Stand close enough to the boxes so that Argesh's underlings will not see you. Shoot or throw your ranged weapon through the gap to hit Argesh. Note: Some arrows will not make it through, but others will. He will charge in your direction does not go around the boxes. Keep shooting him until he is defeated. At that point, most of his underlings will also be dead.

Easy bonus characters

To play a Drizzt or Artemis easily, enable the "Cheat mode" code, then use the level warp cheat to go to the BGate3 map for Drizzt. Do the same under the extreme difficulty setting for for Artemis.

Play as Artemis Entreri

Successfully complete the game under the extreme difficulty setting. Then, highlight Alessia Faithhammer and press Down(2) at the character selection screen.

Play as Drizzt Do'Urden

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. Then, highlight Alessia Faithhammer and press Down at the character selection screen.

Defeat Xanhast and Modoc Selanmere without damage

Okay, Ysuran is essential for this.

If you're character is Ysuran, simply summon a shadow creature and use the shadow attack. They both attack the creature first. Once it dies, summon another and continue with your attacks.

It is HIGHLY recommended that your shadow attack is at its max level.

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