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Cheat codes for Phantom Crash

 Platform: XBox User rating: 5 Page visits: 1416 

Better mechs

The Scobee companies will have a special mech with better weapons available on days that are a multiple of six. For example, Day 6, 12, 18 through 60. Successfully complete the game to get a "Clear" saved game. A special mech will appear on days that are a prime number

Easy money

On Day 55, you will have a chance to only fight drones for 3,000 to 4,000 Neo Yen each. It is possible to make well over 3 million Neo Yen through those fights. At the town map screen, place the little "snowboarder" pointer over the garage area. Rotate the Right Analog-stick ten times in any direction to gain 1,000 Neo Yen. Note: You can only do this once per day.

Skip intermission sequences

At an intermission sequence, hold L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click Right Analog-stick.

1,000 NY

When looking at the map, rotate the right thumbstick to the edge of its reach 360degress(you can only do this 10 times a day.) Rotate until you do not hear the "ding" noise any more. This works every day so don't think its a one time deal.


At the main menu, press X, Y, B, A, Back, White, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Better Mechs Upon Game Clear

Once you saved your game (beat the game first!) mechs that appear on days that are not divisible except by itself (i.e., days that are prime number days, like 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. - break out your math book) are super-powerful.

For example, between days 20 to 30, the Wild Mechanics will have a used SV with quad legs, heavy core, and one arm cannon at a cost of 1,500,000.

Free Cash

On the main navigation screen, rotate the Right Thumbstick clockwise. Your icon will rotate. Each time they complete a revolution, you'll earn 100 New Yen. You can earn up to 1000 New Yen each day doing this.

Secret Super Weapon

If you upgrade an Aeron 25mm minigun to level 98 heavy (at a cost of around 220,000y)its attack power raises to about 1000. If you raise it one more level to level 99 heavy, its attack power will be 17,525 but it will cost 6,700,000y. Another downside is its ammo capacity decreases from 94 to 6 but one shot should destroy any sv.

Avoiding enemy fire

Use your OCGs (Optical Camouflage Generators) as much as possible when in an enemy-filled area. They will not be able to see you, giving you the upper hand. You will then be able to destroy them without them even knowing you are there. If you like to shoot extra items such as cars, stacks of cans, etc., do not do so when an enemy is near, as they can "see" the fire. If you get shot when your OCGs are on, they will turn off and the enemy will be able to see you. Go into hiding if they need to recharge.

Recommended weapon

The best weapon in the game is the pistol for the Holy type SV. When fully upgraded to level 99 Heavy (which requires about seven million Neo Yen), it does 15,000 damage.

Recommended SV for random battling

The recommended SV is a Holy normal body, Heavy Hover Legs (level 60 to 80), two Gatling Guns at level 99 light, one normal Javelin Laser Beam, an Hourglass, 10 mm armor and an OCGVB (optic camouflage). The two Gatling Guns will have 3000 ammo. Fire them both at the same time and it will dish out a lot of damage in a short time. Note: For maximum speed for the Gatlings Guns, start one then start the other shortly after. If you hear a somewhat high pitched shooting, then it will be very fast.

Recommended Scoobie for all Bosses

The recommended Scoobie is a Holy with two Javelin Laser Beams. Note: These are not the shoulder ones, They are the arm ones that can be obtained from the "special Mechs" that appear on the days that are a multiple of six from Ventuno. Also equip a Heavy Heavy (try to max it out), Hover Legs, and 30 mm armor. Also, a Light Light body (about 35 light) and a Heavy Heavy (maxed out for damage)Slingshot in case the Boss turns invisible. Wait until you have a clear shot at the Boss. Use one arm until it is depleted then switch to the other arm. This should take them out. If not, wait until they recharge then do it again.

Hiding locations

Note: You need to have at least 20' for your jumping height to do the following.

Shinjuku: When you first come out of Gate #3, move to the last gap in the wall on your right. Then, face the building to the left. Jump onto the small building's roof, then up to the very top.

Shinjku: Start from Gate #1 and go about two blocks to your left and turn right. Go down the alley you will see a barricade of garbage cans. This is a good place to recharge your Oc and wait for other robots.

Shibuya: Start at Gate #2, take a right, jump down the hole, and climb the spiral staircase.

Aqua Line (Tokyo Aqua): Go out through Gate #2. Go slightly to the left of the bus on the left. Make a U-turn, run toward the roof directly left of the gate, and jump up onto the roof.

Stage 3: Hiding location

Jump onto the "high rise" in front of you when you first enter the level. Jump up there and walk around to the left, then look around. You should see a passageway for you to pass through. Go into it halfway. This is a good location to let O.C. recharge or wait.

Stage 2: Recommended camping location

In the second stage underground, there is a large round room with a ramp that spirals down the wall. At the bottom end of this ramp is a nice location to camp out underneath. Even better, an ammo, health, and New Yen drop point is directly in front of you when you hide here.

Stage 1: Recommended camping location

Go to the first stage on rumble (the city) and climb onto roofs for a good camping location, if you get high enough. Make sure you have a slingshot to shoot from the roof.

Easy tactics #3

In the third area, start on the gate to the right. Then, hide behind the area where you start.

Easy tactics #2

In the second arena, drop into the large circular hole and wait for power-ups, killing enemies that appear.

Easy tactics

In the first arena, just run around in a circle, getting any power-ups that manage to pop up. There are side garages you can "pull into" to let your Optical Camouflage recharge.

Use laser during the charge time

When you are using a laser, you normally have to wait for it to be fully recharged. However, you can use the laser during the recharge time. When you are firing the laser, release the trigger, then press the trigger again as quickly as possible. If done correctly, you will have started a new laser beam. This lets you charge your laser slightly, allowing you to use it longer. Note: You can repeat this as many times as possible.

Keep your money

The easiest way to keep your money and not have to repair, is to go back into a gate (such as the one you enter from). If it does not open, bump into it and it will do so.

Cheat Mech

Later in the game (Day 20 to 30) the used shop Wild Mechanics will have a used SV with quad legs, heavy core, and one arm cannon at a cost of 1,500,000 Neo Yen.

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