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Cheat codes for Quake 3: Arena

 Platform: Dreamcast User rating: 5 Page visits: 4396 

Cheat mode

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock a maze mini-game on the VMU. Successfully complete the maze-mini game to unlock a cheat on the cheat menu. To access the cheat menu, pause the game and choose the "Settings" selection, then scroll down past the "Internet" selection and choose the "Cheats" selection. Depending on what difficulty the game was completed on will depend on what cheat was unlocked. Complete the game on different difficulty settings to unlock different cheats.

Select map

The following code require a Dreamcast keyboard. Start an offline multi-player match with human players, then press ~ to display the console screen at the map, time, and frag selection screen. Type ";map dc_map[01-24]" to begin the match at the indicated level.

Alternate Capture The Flag commentary

Enter multi-player mode, select player one for your controller, and make the rest of the players CPU-controlled. Select "Capture the Flag" as your game. Set up your player's name so that the word "ass" appears along with any other word. For example, dumb ass, big ass, etc. In Capture The Flag, the CPU leader when giving you commands will call you by another form of the word. For example, dumb heinie, dumb bum, dumb bottom, etc. This will not affect the outcome of the game.

Cheat Codes

The following codes require a Dreamcast keyboard. While playing a game, press ~ to display the console screen. Type ";raster 1" to unlock all commands. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Type "" followed by a letter to list all commands that begin with that letter.

Granted Wish - Cheat Code

Enemies will not attack - otarget
God mode - god
Enable all start menu cheats - cl_cheats 31
Walk through walls - oclip

Console commands

The following codes require a Dreamcast keyboard. During the game you have to press ~ to arrive at the console command screen. After that, enter one of the following commands to activate the corresponding effect:

Granted Wish - Cheat Code

Clear console line /clear
Display console commnands /help
Send message to indicated player /say[1-4]
Send message to player that is attacking you /tell_attacker
Enable third person view /cg_thirdperson 1
Disable third person view /cg_thirdperson 0
Display player list /who
Send message to all players /say
Send message to player that is targeted /tell_target
Send message to your team in team modes /say_team

Hidden Music

To play some hidden Quake 3 music turn on the Dreamcast without a CD in or with the lid open. At the Menu choose the music option, then insert the Quake 3 disk. An image of the disk will appear and tracks 4 - 19 will play music from the game.

Console Commands

To perform these functions you will need a Dreamcast Keyboard and a Dreamcast Mouse. Start the game as usual, In the game hit the ~ button once, this will access the game's System Console. From here enter in one of the following commands to do the function.

Display list of players

Message displayed to every player.

Speak to Player 4

Speak to Player 3

Speak to Player 2

Speak to Player 1

List commands.

Deliver a message to your attacker.

Deliver a message to your team. (used in team based modes.)

Deliver a message to your targeted enemy.

Clear the console.

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