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Cheat codes for Mega Man 2

 Platform: GameBoy User rating: 5 Page visits: 1695 


Dr wily code:a1b2b4c1c5d1d1e3e5.

Four energy tanks (no Bosses defeated)

Enter A2/4 B2/4 C1/2 D2/3 as a password.

Final level

Enter A1/3/4 B3 C1/2/3 D1/3 as a password.


Boss Weapon Password
Clash Man Gun A1 B3/4 C3 D1/2/3
Metal Man Clash A1/3 C3 D1/2/4
Wood Man Metal A1/3 B4 C3 D1/2/4
Air Man Wood A2/3 B1/4 C3 D1/2/4
Needle Man Air A2/3 B1/4 C2/3 D1/4
Magnet Man Needle A2/3 B1/4 C2 D1/4
Hard Man Magnet A2/3 B1/4 C1/2/3 D1
Top Man Hard A1/2/3 B4 C2/3/4 D1

Boss Weaknesses

Clash Man- Air Shooter
Metal Man- Clash Bomb
Wood Man- Metal Blade
Air Man- Leaf Shield
Hard Man- Top Spin
Top Man- Hard Punch
Needle Man- Magnet Missle
Magnet Man- Needle Cannon

The Right Name

There is a boss that is commonly called Crashman. His name is not Crashman his name is Clash Man. His weapon is the Clash Bomb not the Crash Bomb.

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