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Cheat codes for Pokemon Yellow: Pikachu Edition

 Platform: GameBoy User rating: 5.7 Page visits: 3076 

Get Bulbasaur

After you get Squirtle, go to Cerulean city, and in one of the houses there is a lady, who has Pokemon next to her. Talk to her and she will ask you a question. Choose the top answer and she will ask you another question. Choose the top answer again and you get Bulbasaur!

Get Charmander

There are several ways to snag Charmander. On way is to travel to Ceruleon City, and talk with the man on the other side of Nugget Bridge. The other way is to beat SS. St. Anne to port and speak to Officer Jenny.

Get Squirtle

After getting off the S.S. Anne, and getting the Thunderbadge from the gymleader, Lt. Surge, then you can get Squirtle from Officer Jenny in the middle of town.

Pikachu Stuff

1. When pikachu's really mad, he'll have a skull (I think) over his head, and he'll look like he's doing thunderbolt. When he's happy, he will jump up and down.*

2. Jump over a ledge, but don't let pikachu come off it. He will become unpatient and he will do various things after a while.

3. While you do #2, sometimes if you walk forward while he's doing that, sometimes he'll slide after you.

* I meant the maximum mad and happy.

Safari Zone Pokemon

Go to Cinnabar island. Go to the pokemon center, then go to safari zone and use an escape rope to go back to Cinnabar island. Then surf on the right coast line and if you did it right you will get a safari zone pokemon.

Level 5 Gyarados

Fly to Fushia city, go to the place where you get the Good Rod, go in the back yard there will be a lake fish in it with the Super Rod. After a while you should come upon a level 5 Gyarados. Note: Recommend using lots of Ultra Balls, it is almost like catching a regular Gyarados.

Unlimited way to stop Sleeping

After get the Pokflute. Use it in battle when a Pokmon from your side is asleep. It will awake so you doesn't need "Awakening" anymore. You can use it as much as you can!

Glitch City

This is a really neat code! So the code begins...

This is a code no one knows about. It is a really good code, and more people should know about it. The following is only informative about the Red/Blue Glitch City. The one in the yellow version is totally different. Glitch City is best done in this 8-Step process...

1.Go into the Safari Zone entrance building, and when the guy says, "It's 500$ dollars to enter, would you like to come in", say YES.

2. Then go into the first rest house you encounter. Talk to the guy with the glasses once. Then leave early by going out the main entrance of the Safari Zone.

3.When the guy says, "Leaving early?" say NO. You will be sent back out. Don't make a move.

4. After doing this, leave early again, and when the guy says, "Leaving early?", say NO again.

5. Once you are back in the Safari Zone, save the game, turn it off, then turn it back on. After this, leave early again.

6. Once you leave early again, this is when the first glitch appears. Instead of the guy saying, "Leaving early", he says, "It's 500$ to enter. Would you like to come in?" When he says this, say NO.

7.From here, you will be sent back into Fuchsia. Pretty normal 'eh? Well the codes' not over! Once in Fuchsia, fly to Cinnabar Island. Then surf up and down the east coast (you will not find Missingno, instead you will run into Safari Pokmon. See the Safari cheat below for more information.) Now this may take about ten minutes, but it works. The amount of time you have to catch Pokmon in the Safari Zone is 500 steps, and it will be on Cinnabar Island! Remember, it takes 500 steps until time's up, so if you'd like to keep track, just count 500 steps (remember, keep on going up and down Cinnabar, and if you'd like, you can put the timer on for 10 minutes). And when you run into Safari Pokemon, just run away. It doesn't change anything. Use repel if you want to. (Trust me, it does work!)

As you can see, the "Ding-Dong" that normally goes off in the Safari Zone happens off Cinnabar.

8. After 500 steps, you will hear a "Ding-Dong" just like you hear in the Safari Zone when you run out of time only it's on Cinnabar Island. You will automatically be transported to the Safari Zone entrance building, and then leave the building. You will be in Glitch City!

After leaving the Safari Building, you'll be in Glitch City.

When you are in Glitch City, don't go too far to the left of the right. You will get stuck in invisible walls. You also have a chance to swim on land and walk on water! This is by far the most interesting code. In the red/blue version, if you go left to the hedge in Glitch City and jump over it, you will come to "checkered water". Go to the top left square, go left one space and then right one. You will be stuck, but you can surf. This is how to surf on land. If you head straight east or north, eventually you will get to the game's limits and it will shut off. Just turn the game on again and you will be returned to the last place you saved. The only way to get out of glitch city is to fly out, so if you save, make absolutely sure you have a Pokemon that knows how to fly, or you will be stuck in glitch city forever.

In the red and blue version Glitch City, this is the "checkered-water" you will come to.

(CHALLENGE: After you leave the safari entrance building (when you are about to fly to Cinnabar Island), you can fly to another place. Flying to Lavender Town, route 17 (the bike route), or several other places during the trick will trigger a totally different glitch city. If you go to the Bike Route on step 7, there'll be a Glitch City but one in which you walk down automatically, like the bikes! However, the Glitch City resulting from Cinnabar's coast allows you to walk around more than in any other discovered glitch city.)

Did you find this cheat useful?
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