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Cheat codes for Beetle Adventure Racing

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5 Page visits: 2695 

Cheat Box in Coventry Cove

Go through the village and over cross the bridge. Hit the brake and turn toward the crane. There should be an opening beside the crane. Go inside and there will be the box.

View Mode

To activate the "VIEW MODE" cheat on the cheat menu, go to Inferno Isle. in the area that looks like a village, on the right side of the road is a house with a flat-looking roof. jump your beetle at an angle and land on the roof. then go into reverse and break the Daisy Crate hidden there to activate the View Mode cheat under options. you will be able to select Normal, Fisheye and Tunnel view modes.

Unlock New Cars

To unlock variations of the New Beetle, such as the Racing Beetle, 4x4 Beetle and "Number 8," simply beat the Championship Mode on Novice and Advanced. Beat the following two difficulty modes for the two bonus cars.

Open Up Battle Stages

Most of the game's Beetle Battle stages are hidden and have to be unlocked before you can square off against your friends.

In order to get them, you need to enter the Championship mode and try to smash all the bonus boxes on the respective tracks. You have to collect all 100 points to unlock a new battle stage. All the battle stages are directly based on their track counterparts. Note that it is not necessary that you come in first in the races, but your points are not counted if you are disqualified.

Tip: Use the Police Beetle to get the tracks. It's fast -- and you can force cars to pull over and take your time to collect the boxes.

Make Cars Pull Over

Beetle Adventure Racing's computer drivers may take shortcuts and crash into you, but they're still law-abiding drivers. Once you have unlocked the Police Beetle, hold down the left C Button to sound your siren. If you get close, the other drivers will pull over to the side and stop their cars.

Major Shortcut in Sunset Sands

When racing through the inside of the temple that has exits on both the left and right sides, stay straight - grab a nitro box and jump the pit of lava. You'll land atop a structure with a large red octagon. BRAKE! and stop your beetle over it. Honk your horn and a secret elevator will bring you down to a cool shortcut that will get you ahead of the crowd in no time.

Get the Police Beetle

In a nod to the Need for Speed franchise, EA has included a hidden Police Beetle in Beetle Adventure Racing -- but you'll have to work hard to get it. After beating the standard Championships, a new "Bonus" mode will open up. Beat this tough challenge (including Wicked Woods) to get the fastest car in the game, the Police Beetle.

Get the Alien Beetle

To get the "I come in peace" Alien Beetle, beat the Expert Championship. Once you have completed Metro Madness, you will receive the super-fast rainbow-colored beetle.

Cheat Menu

Go to 1 player mode and select "Championship". Race on Coventry Cove and find the shortcut with the barn and 2 haypiles. Run straight into the the haypile closest to the road and you should hit a box. You will here someone say "Groovy!" if you hit it. Finish the race and go to "Options". There will be an option called "Cheats" now.

Color Changing Cheat

Before trying this cheat you will need to get the cheat menu box, which is already on this page. On Mount Mayham, when you are coming out of the snow tunnel into the green forrest area there is a flower box on the right hand side behind on of the tree's. When you hit the box you should hear "GROOVY". If you hear it, finish the race and go to the cheat menu and you should see "COLOR CHANGING" in the single race mode.

Daisy Box Locations

When you are driving along in Coventry Cove you'll see a barn with two hay stacks. Go through the one closest to the street.


On Sunset Sands, after the spot with the double divide, you will see a left turn. Stay to the left on the turn and you will see a small ramp. Go up it and it will take you to a shortcut. This is especially helpful on the final lap, since you don't have to take the sharp turn onto the final strech.

On Metro Madness, right after you exit the starting strech or start the 2nd or 3rd lap, you will se two flashing arrow signs wil a gap inbetween them and a bonus box in the gap. Go through the gap and you will hit a jump(you need to be going at least 90mph to make the jump so if you hit the side of the sign press L to get yuorself back on the regular route). This will take you to a shortcut that can get you way ahead.

On Mount Mayhem, when you cross the first bridge, take the jump and fall off the edge on the left side of the bridge. You should fall onto a ledge that leads into the mountain. Follow the path and it will take you into na cave with flashing light and cool noises. This isn't much shorter than the regular route but the cave is pretty cool.

On Inferno Isle, after you pass through the village you will see a dock leading out into the water. Go on it and you will go on a series of jumps with lots of bonus. You need to get the nitro by the last jump so if you miss it press L to get yourself back on the regular route.

Turbo Start

If you press the L Button as soon as the announcer shouts "Go!", you'll accelerate to 40mph, putting you with the leaders.

See Alien Ship

On Coventry Cove, when you get to the first bridge there will be a rock on the left and if u go up that rock and drop down, you will go into a tunnel that has an alien ship.

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