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Cheat codes for Bomberman 64

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1646 

Weird Skating Trick

For this trick, you MUST have a heart, and remote bombs help. In Black Fortress, on the level with the cars, stand on the very edge of a platform, and place a bomb, but don't move. The bomb should be underneath you. When a car is coming, detonate the bomb, and hopefully you will lose your heart, go spinning around like always when you lose a heart, and fall off the platform into the path of the car while you are still flashing. Once you have stopped flashing, you can move around, but Bomberman's legs will not move! He looks like he is standing still, but moving! Unfortunately, you can't throw bombs like this, only kick them, so just grab your heart again, and run into a car so your heart flies out, and run along to get it again. It's not much, but it looks pretty cool.

View Credits

First beat the game with 100 Gold Cards, then finish the extra world by defeating Sirius. A CREDITS option will appear on the OPTIONS menu.

Sound Test

To access a sound test option, beat the game in Adventure mode at normal difficulty.

Secret Areas in White 1

Make your way to the place where the wind blows. Climb to the second level of that area and and get close to the wall and move the angel over. You will see an area with a lot of plants. Walk through the wall into this area and blow up the plants. You will find lots of dimonds and power-ups. To find the other secret, destroy the ice covering the sign and read it. It will warn of avalances. You have to cause an avalance to get here. So go to the top of the hill [the one on the left when you start] and place a bomb at the very top. When it explodes, you'll have to run!!! Run to avoid the falling snow. When it clears up, run to the top and then go fall onto the platform with the snowman on it. Run to the wall and rub on it until you find a passage. On easy mode there's a powerup, and on the hard mode there's a custom piece.

Maxed out Mode

Get all 120 gold cards and go to the options menu. The last ????? will now be replaced by a new option. With this option on you can start any level with red bombs, remote bombs, eight bombs, and almost every bomb power you can get in the game.

Hidden Jewels in Blue Resort

When you see a house with a window open, toss a pump bomb in the window and wait for it to explode.

Endgame Bonus

Get all the Gold Cards then beat Sirius in the Rainbow Palace. Now go to the Options screen and select Options. Congratulations! You may now preview the ending and credits whenever you want. You can also play two new levels in battle mode.

Easy Way to beat Altair

When Altair combines with his ship at the beginning kick a bomb at him and he will be dizzy. Go up to him and pick him up (like a bomb) and throw him off the edge and you win! I beat him in 5 seconds doing this.

Bonus Level

To access the Rainbow Palace, collect all 100 Gold Cards and beat Altair again.

Bonus Battle Levels - Japanese Version

If you have the import version of Hudson's Bomberman 64, you can find some cool hidden battle levels.
You need the Hudson JoyCard 64 controller for this to work. Go to the title screen, put the "Slow Switch" on position Hu and wait five seconds. You should now hear a sound that confirms that the trick worked. Choose Battle Mode and you can access four new secret stages.

Bonus Battle Levels - American Version

There are two ways to access the bonus levels in the American version. The hardest is to collect all the gold cards.
For an easier route, go to the main menu, highlight BATTLE, and press START repeatedly as quickly as possible. If you're quick enough you'll hear a chime sound and all 10 battle arenas will be available!

Battlemode Tips

There is an easy way to get rid of your rivals in Rock Garden and other playfields. Hold B and then press A to pick up a bomb. Then bank one off someones head, and while they are still dizzy pick 'em up and throw 'em off!
Also, if you die and become a ghost, if you ran into another player you will hang on them and you will be able to control them for a while. Use this advantage to make the players run into bombs and (hopefully!) cause a draw.

Secret Stages in Multiplayer

At the screen where you select whether to play "adventure , Battle" etc. tap the start button like a freeko.you have to tap it EXTREMELY fast, like in those old track-and-field games.

Hurt them

On in the gutter on multiplayer, just stay on the pole and toss pumped up bombs down at your unexpecting victims. You can hurt them but they can't hurt you. The only exception is when someone has a skull and gets ultra bombs.

Cool Cheat

If you get 100 gold cards you can get 2 more levels in battlemode and a new level, Rainbow Palace in adventure mode. Get 20 gold cards there and you get some new costume pieces and two different new battle levels. Now you don't have to go to the main menu and press start really fast cause it saves it on the game.


If you don't blow up the window nearest the stairs in blue resort then get remote bombs and line them off the stairs to bouce into the open window. Move around until you reach the flower pot and blow it up for a costume
piece. Also, there is one more hidden area in the blizzard level.After you cause the avalanche, drop down to the platform where the snow throwing enemy is. Press against the wall and you should find another hidden path with an icicle. Blow it up and you get another costume piece.


At the pyramid level in battle stay at the top and kick bombs at the others they are most likely to kill each other.

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