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Cheat codes for Harvest Moon

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1324 

Hidden blue apple

Do this in the spring. Go to the small pond by the fisherman's tent and fish. Catch any fish and then throw it into the pond. A water imp will come up and give you a blue apple, which supposedly allows you to work on a rainy day without getting tired. Note: This trick will not work in the winter due to the fact that the pond is frozen at that time.

Blue Berry

First of all you have to get the fishing pole before this will work (Duh!) Anyway after you get the fishing pole catch a small fish and throw it into the pond by the fisherman's tent a greenish imp should come out of the water and give you a blue berry that will keep you from getting tired (sick?) in the rain.


(1) This won't work on the first day your at the farm (2) To get the fishing pole talk to the fisherman (3) You can tell the difference between the sizes of the fish like this... Small = Small and blue medium = Kinda big and reddish orange large = HUGE and blue

Get Married

To get married, pick out a young lady of your choice. Dance with her at festivals, give her presents every day, and be very nice to her. When the heart in the bottom of the right hand corner is red or pink, buy a blue feather from Rick's Tool Shop (If he doesn't have it, he'll get it, trust me) and give it to her. If she says yes, you will be married the next Sunday.

Have a Child

Once you are married, be EXTREMELY nice to your wife. Don't stay out late, bring her gifts, and NEVER talk to another girl. After 30 days, she'll begin to act strangely. In another 60 days, you'll have a child.

Quick Cash

Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land, and take then to the shipping bin.

Chicken Cheat

When you buy a chicken, leave it on the roof of your house and it will lay eggs. Also it will not die. To put the chicken on the roof, you must first buy a stairway from the carpenter.

Ultimate Racing

When at the dog or horse races go to the mayors wife and talk to her. On your ticket put 99 for each dog or horse then go down to submit it and press "b" instead of "a" you will get your money back and you will win lots of medals.

Gifts To Give The Girl You Like

Give Ann wool and corn.
Give Karen tomatoes and berries.
Give Elli strawberries.
Give Maria spring cabbage

More Cow's Milk

Name your cow Coco. Insted of producing small milk at first, it will give you medium size milk to start, and three days later it will produce large milk.

Good Luck Log

First you must be sure you have some logs in storedge. Then, during winter, after the mine has opened (the tenth) go to the side of your chicken coop and get a piece of lumber.Put it in your nappsack and make sure you have your hoe. Once you have your piece of lumber, go into the mine before it closes (five o'clock). Using your hoe, dig up one spot of earth. Place your piece of lumber on the spot you hoed and it will stand there covered with snow.

Note: Right after I placed the piece of lumber in the mine I found a Pontna Root and then a Moonlight Stone.

Cow Cheat

When you have a cow, let it get sick. Buy some potion for it and it will produce medium milk. Let it get sick again. When you heal it again it will produce large milk. Sometimes it doesn't work but if you keep trying it will happen. Also, if that cow gives birth to another cow, and you do the cheat again, that cow will almost definitely win the cow festival.

Cool Dog Trick

If you want Karen to like you sooner than usual, there is ony one thing you need, you dog! Holding you pooch, go talk to Karen. She will say that your dog doesn't look to clever. But continue to show your dog to her and her heart rate will steadly climb after a while, so It's possible to have Karen at a pink heart by the first of second day on your farm. I don't believe it works for any of the other girls, but still try it out.

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