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Cheat codes for Jet Force Gemini

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5 Page visits: 2201 

Super jump

Hold C-Up to perform a super jump.

Avoid getting hit by flying objects

When reaching a section with small flying objects, run behind a tree and repeatedly run sideways to avoid getting hit.


Juno can walk on fire (lava), Vela can swim, and Lupus can hover.

All Hidden Characters

All the secret deathmatch characters in Jet Force are unlocked by touching the secret Totems hidden throughout the game, except for the Cyborg Ant (see below) and the powered-up versions of Vela, Juno and Lupus, which become available once you have received your powers in the single player mode.

Yellow Ant
Location: Goldwood
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: None

Blue Ant
Location: SS Anubis, Generator Room 2F
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Red Ant
Location: Ichor, Military Base
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Juno
Requirements: None

Green Ant
Location: Spawn Ship, Cargo Sewer
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Male Tribal
Location: Sekhmet, Channel Area
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Lupus
Requirements: Magenta Key

Female Tribal
Location: Rith Essa, Mine
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: Mine Key

Zombie Termite
Location: Tawfret, Treehut
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Lupus
Requirements: None

Beetle Termite
Location: Tawfret, Tomb
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: None

Metallic Termite
Location: Sekhmet, Spiral Walkway (hover across)
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Lupus
Requirements: None

Purple Termite
Location: Mizar's Palace
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Juno
Requirements: None

Cyborg Ant
Location: N/A
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get an Expert Award on all Floyd Missions

Ants into Pants Cheat

This cheat turns all the enemy drones into stick figures with big pants. "Ants into Pants" becomes available in the Cheats menu (located under Options) as soon as you have collected 300 enemy heads.

Break Fall

Any veteran Mario or Banjo-Kazooie player will have already figured this one out. Falling from high places causes your character to take damage, but you can break your fall with the help of Lupus' rocket paws or Vela and Juno's jetpacks (only if you have fuel, in the case of Vela and Juno).

Change Characters on Map Screen

Not really a gameplay tip but this feature isn't mentioned in the manual, so we figured we should include it. There is no need to go to the Character Screen if you need to quickly change characters when selecting a new world to fly to. You can change your character on the map screen, too. Simply use the C Buttons to switch the player icons in the corner until you've got the character you want

Hidden Multiplayer Stages and Modes

Most of the multiplayer modes have to be unlocked before you can play them, including the target ranges, the 2D Super Sprint clone and the 3D racing game. Here's how you can get them:

King of the Hill
Location: Cerulean Holding Room
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Tunnels Stage
Location: Rith Essa Waterfalls
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Vela
Requirements: None

Rith Essa Mine Stage
Location: Walkway Station
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: Powered (jetpacks)

Space Station Stage
Location: Space Station Basement
Type: Totem Pole
Character: Any
Requirements: None

Goldwood Target Range
Location: Goldwood
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get Gold on Goldwood Floyd Mission

Rith Essa Target Range
Location: Eschebone
Type: Floyd Mission Award
Character: Floyd
Requirements: Get Gold on Eschebone Floyd Mission

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first on Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing

Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first on Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II

Greenwood Village Race Track
Location: Ichor Arcade
Type: Arcade Score Reward
Character: Any
Requirements: Break the top records on both Jeff & Barry arcade machines.

Mizar 3D Racer
Location: Mizar's Palace
Type: Race Award
Character: Any
Requirements: Come in first in the Mizar races.

Jet Force Kids Cheat

Collect 200 ant heads to unlock the Jet Force Kids cheat, which can be activated from the Cheats/Options menu. This cheat will turn the game's main characters into kids.

Jetpack Tip

Another little feature not mentioned in the manual: use the C Down button to hover in place when using the jetpacks. It only uses half the fuel.

Key Locations

Yellow Key: Goldwood, Outset (hidden in a box in the caves)
Red Key: Goldwood, Outset (receive from Magnus)
Blue Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (lava pit, through pipe)
Green Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (jetpack room)
Magenta Key: Eschebone, Thorax (left intestine)

Yellow Key: Cerulean, Dune (holding room)
Red Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (receive from mole)
Blue Key: Eschebone, Thorax (underwater)
Green Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (jetpack room)
Magenta Key: Eschebone, Thorax (left intestine)

Yellow Key: Spawn Ship, Troop Carrier (sewer pipe)
Red Key: Spawn Ship, Troop Carrier (cargo sewer)
Green Key: Sekhmet, Battle Cruiser (jetpack room)
Magenta Key: Eschebone, Thorax (left intestine)
Note: Lupus cannot acquire the Blue Key.

Let Floyd Help

If you want to save on ammo, use Floyd -- even if a second player is not available. Find a hiding place, like a crate or a rock, stand behind it and press START on the second controller to activate Floyd (once you have put him together on Tawfret). Now shoot down your enemies from a safe distance, without wasting any ammo. Do the same if you want to take out crates. You can also use Floyd to snip even when you don't have sniper rifle ammo. When playing with two players, player one can hide behind a box and zoom in on far away enemies with the sniper rifle. Whether player one has a clear line of fire or not, Floyd's higher up position ensures that player two can do the work without wasting ammo.

Rainbow Blood Cheat

Collect 100 ant heads of any color to unlock the rainbow blood cheat. You can activate this cheat by going to the Cheat Menu, which is located on the Options.

Reach High Up Gems

In order to grab the many health gems located in seemingly unreachable areas -- such as on the SS Anubis generators or on beams in the cave levels -- shoot them using your pistol or machine gun. If you hit them correctly, they will move and slide down to your level.

Secret Flame Thrower Ammo

If you're low on Flame Thrower ammo, look for Tribals that carry lanterns. Shoot these Tribals once to make them drop their lanterns (be careful not to kill them), then pick them up to use the fire as Flame Thrower ammo

Selective Ammo

If you're running low on ammo for the Shotgun, Pistol or Machine Gun, select the weapon you want to refill (even when it's empty) when collecting weapons from dead enemies. This will automatically give ammo to the weapon you picked. This strategy is invaluable to keep your Machine Gun ammo count high.

Special Item Locations

Jet Force Gemini contains a number of special items in addition to the regular power-ups such as gems, backpacks and Gemini Holders. This listing tells you what the items can be used for and where to find them.

Fish Food

Where: Goldwood, first area after landing pad (treasure chest)
One of the first secrets in the game can be accessed right from the Goldwood entry area, even before you enter the Outset zone. Look for a secret passage near the right rock wall. Behind it, you will find the fishpond and a treasure box that contains fish food. Although it's listed among your weapons, the fish food is hardly lethal. You can use the fish food to feed the fishes (duh) or other hungry creatures, such as the creepy maggots or Flopsy the dog (which keeps them from attacking you). The food can also be used to distract your enemy or to detonate proximity mines without wasting any ammo.

Ear Plugs

Where: SS Anubis, Hold (Floyd Mission)
The ear plugs are the perfect protection for sensitive ears, especially when around noisy Tribals but the Jet Force team can't use them. To get the ear plugs, get a Gold or Expert rating in the Floyd mission in the Hold area of the SS Anubis. Once you have access to the Water Ruin stage, bring the Ear Plugs to Ivana the Bear.


Where: Tawfret, Bridge (on top of a tree)
What a charming place to forget one's shorts... In this desolate swamp haunted by zombie drones and giant bettles, a pair of shorts hangs from a tree. Bring them to their rightful owner, Gimlet, who awaits in the same stage.


Where: Tawfret, Bridge (from Gimlet)
This handy tool lets you open the heavy trap doors on Tawfret and Walkway. To get it, bring the pants back to Gimlet.

Jeff & Barry II Arcade Chip

Where: Ichor, Military Base (Floyd Mission)
Only if you have found this circuit board can you play the Jeff & Barry II racing game in the nightclub arcade on Ichor (Jeff & Barry I can be played without it). Get a Gold rating in the Ichor Military Base Floyd Mission.

Specialist Magazine

Where: Eschebone, Cortex
Cough. Specialist magazine, eh? We know where you can find it if you want it... Go to Eschebone's Cortex stage to find it, then bring it to Fernando who is hanging out on Rith Essa (Bluff). Fernando will give you the Mine Key in return for the... uh... inspiration literature.

Mine Key

Where: Rith Essa, Bluff
You need this key in order to get into the Rith Essa mines. Once you've got the Specialist Magazine from Eschebone, visit Fernando and trade it against the key.

Gold Bars

Where: Celulean, Dune
Look for three gold bars in the Cerulean outdoor area. You can use them as payment for Fish Face's Tri-Rocket Launcher in the same level.

Weapon hints

Pistol: Try to use this if you have no other weapon. They are only affective if you go to options and take off expert control. Run out of ammo and little lasers come out (infinite ammo!). Cool, but it sux.

Machine gun: One of the best. Use it with the air robot guys, and try not to use too much of the ammo on the ants (one ant at a time, i mean). Good for killing the red,yellow, and other big general drones.

Plasma shotgun: If you are desparate, use this. It's barely powerful, and it reaches the enemy slowly. It can blow up the drones when fully charged.

Tri-rockets: Great, and use it when you can on the drones (and the big ones).

Homing missiles: Good, but they arent very good at tracking. Lock on the enemy in targeting mode and fire. ::duh::

Shrunkiens: >:-) These kick butt, and you can retrieve them too. If they get stuck in a tree or something, shoot them and theyll come flying down back to you. Dont use them on bosses (its a real waste of ammo) and kill drones with them. In targeting mode lock on the enemy and fire.

Timed mines: after 5 seconds they become super mines. Go right up to one and itll blow up in your face. That might be fun, but it hurts you. These mines arent good.

Remote mines: Really not good to use. They can become camoflaged in some places, therefore hard to use. Theyre OK.

Fish food: Mizar would probably laugh in your face if he knew you had this. To the second door of goldwood, there is a secret area to the right where you get this. It is the worst "weapon" by far. It does nothing except feed the..hmmm.. Gee, I dont know what you feed with this.

Flares: I don't know much about this one(really). You can light it and if you switch the weapon drop it, or you can double tap A and throw it to the ceiling. You dont stay long in 1 area in JFG, so try not to use these unless it is REALLY dark.

Grenades: use your own descretion for firing these, but a tip is:Throw them BEHIND fully armored drones, and watch them blow up. Also throw them at big drones that just stand there.

Cluster bombs: Try not to use these, but with certain places you may have to use them. dont use them with blue drones, green are better.

Sniper rifle: Wanna be a sniper? Yes? Too bad. there is a very little amount of places you can snipe, but you can be a sniper shooter. A & B to zoom in and out, so find the green drones and shoot em down.(Pink is a bad color for a sniper anyway).

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