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Cheat codes for Ken Griffey Jr.'s Slugfest

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1480 

Homerun Everytime

This code only works while playing with Griffey. When you are up to bat tap Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, and Left on the Game Pad not the joystick. You have to hit the ball after you enter the code.

See the CPU Pitcher's Status

View the different pitches that the current pitcher can use as well as the current pitching status. This code does not allow players to see what pitch will be thrown. It works in all modes except Home Run Derby.

Insert two Contollers before powering up the game, but select to play the first Controller against the CPU. While batting and before the pitch, press and hold the R Button on the second Controller to see the list of pitches and the pitcher's status.


View a fireworks display when previewing the field in Exhibition Mode.

On the "Stadium Select" screen in the Exhibition Mode, press the Z Button to preview the field. When you are in the preview mode, press the Z and R buttons to begin a fireworks display at home plate.

Uncanny Bodies

These Create-a-Player codes allow players to field teams with unusual body types. It also allows a special CPU vs. CPU mode. The code that affect players' appearances function in every game mode.

Note: Only one code can be used at a time. The use of one code will cancel the effect of another. To disable the codes, reset the system.

1. On the game's Main Menu highlight Create a Player and press the A Button.
2. Choose a player slot and press A.
3. Use the C Buttons to name the character. The first name will always be "CODE". The last name will determine the actual code itself.

THETICK Each player has a large chest and arms and thin legs.
BIGGHEDZ Each player has a large head.
TOOTHPICK Players have extremely thin bodies.
CPUVSCPU In any mode except Home Run Derby, the CPU will play both sides.
INVISIBLEMAN Players are invisible, except for their hats, shoes, and mitts
WEEBLEMAN Players have pear-shaped bodies, large hats and large gloves.

Big Feet Mode

Enter Create-A-Player Mode, type in CODE for the first name, then BIGFOOT for the last name.

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