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Cheat codes for Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 7.5 Page visits: 2910 

Slow Down Time

If you play the Song of Time backwards, time on the clock will move slower, but you will still move at the normal speed. This is very useful when running long distances or when trying to prolong game time.

Jump Forward 12 Hours

Play this song with the Ocarina to travel forward in time 12 hours: C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down.

24th Mask Circus Leaders Mask

Go to the milk bar at night with Romani's Mask. Go to the fish man as each Link and play the songs that he will ask to play on each instrument and the circus leader will give you the mask.

Travel back 72 hours ( only works on 3th day )

When you are running out of time on the third day play the song of time and you will fall back to the first day (I have seen this code in action before and you will be asked to save, say yes and you will travel back) the screen will say 72 hours, 3 days remaining, you will be on the first day, this is real handy if you need to travel back in time and you're too far away from the clock tower to make it in time.

Beat Skull Keeta Easily

When you arrive at the Graveyard in Inkana Canyon, you will see a giat skull at the north arch. You must play the Sonta of Awakening to awake him. He will rise and start hobbling off. Normally you would have to chase him through all of the firewalls, but you can go through the first firewall, turn around, (if you have the grappling hook) grapple to the chest at the top, jump to the opposite side, fight the guy, and save yourself all of the trouble.

Melt the hearth

You can melt the hearth in the Mountain Smithy by using Hot Spring Water from the springs you get from dragging Darmani's grave backward wearing the Goron Mask.

Ultimate Mask

At the end of the game ( after you beat all 4 levels ) , collect all the masks ( All 23 of them including Majoras Mask )

Shoot up to the top of the moon ,there you will find children, give them the masks, the kid that plays with majoras will give you the ultimate mask.

It will let you turn to the ultimate stage of Link ( you also become an adult with a black and white tunic ).

Slower time with normal movement rate

Play the following notes on the Ocarina: C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right.

Shortcut at Ilkana Castle

I am sure everyone who has played this games hates the added trip through Ilkana Castle to get to the other side of the roof. Here's a little shortcut that will cut out some useless running around. On the roof near where you blow up the circular section on the roof there is a slanted wall that nearly runs smack up to the hole. There is a small lip that you can use to walk up this slanted wall. Once you get to the top jump off the platform and land on the block to your left. Wear the bunny hood and jump off the block towards the fence that lines the roof of the castle. If you jump correctly you can land on the other side of the fence and just walk along the fence to the other side. Ta da - you just skipped a trip through Ilkana Castle.

Shortcut to the heartpiece on the clocktower

Maybe you already figured this out but when you finally transform from Deku Link to normal Link you can just walk up the ramp on the right side of the clock tower and jump up to grab the heartpiece. This way you don't have to talk to the Deku salesman.

Wear the Fierce Dietys Mask outside Boss Battles

First on the third day go to Sakons hideout and you will see Kafei behind a rock, then go to the rock blocking the entrance to Sakons hideout and roll at the track, then, if you're lucky you'll roll through to Sakons hideout (Note:Some times you will roll through the crack and into water, if this happens just try again) so when you are inside have Link put on any mask and then step on the switch so Kafei will go through the door, then press start and switch the Fierce Dietys Mask with whatever mask Link is wearing and then completethe room, when it is Links turn he will have to put the Fierce Dietys Mask on! Then complete Sakons hideout and you can have half a day of wearing the Fierce Dietys mask on !

Get all masks

There are 24 masks in total:

1.Deku scrub get it at the beginning of the game.
2.Goron mask talk to ghost goron on top of the cliff once you get the lens of truth.
3.Zoras mask.Go to great bay ocean and bring the dying Zora back to shore.
4.Bremen mask.At night go to the laundry pool and talk to the guy with the music box.
5.Bunny hood.Go to the ranch and go to the chicken hut.Use the bremen mask to bring in the 10 chicks.They turn into roosters.Then the guy gives you the Bunny hood.
6.Kafies mask.When Gorman leaves Madame Aromas office talk to her and she will give it to you.
7.Keaton mask.Complete Kafeis notebook and talk to the guy in Kafeis small home he will give it to you plus a letter.
8.Postman's hat.Take the letter to the postman and talk to him about it follow him.and you get it.
9.Couples mask.complete Anjus notebook entry by recovering the stolen mask.stay in the stock pot inn untill 2 min.remain.
10.Mask of truth.Kill all the skullatas in spider house,30 in all.
11.Bomb mask.Stop the thief on night 1 at 1 in the morning.
12. All night mask.Stop the thief on night 1 after you get the giant wallet on day 1 at the sea side spider house.Then go to the curiosity shop on night 3 and it's there for 500.
13.Kamaoas mask.At midnight go to north clock town and leave you should be at the entrance to the winter termina field.go to the right and jump to the rock circle and play the song of healing for the ghost.
14.Garo's mask.Beat the Gorman bro's in a horse race.
15.captains hat.Beat skull Keeta at the graveyard and jump across the broken bridge.
16.gibdo's mask.Play the song of healing to the mummy in Ikana in the house.
17.Don gero's mask.Go to the goron temple.play the goron lullaby for the kid.Then light all the torches.The chandelier will spin.Break through them .You get meat take it to the freezing goron.
18.stonemask.Before Ikana there is a stone circle in front of the cliff.ust the lens of truth and give him red potion.
19.giants mask.beat the eyegore in the inverted tower.
20.great fairies mask.unite the great fairy in clock town as human.
21.Ranch mask.protect the milk from the milk bttle breakers on the way to town.
22.mask of scents.after saving the princess leave the palace and swim to the right.Into a hole.Youhave to race the butler then you get it.
23.Fierce Dietys mask.Give all the masks to the kids and talk to Majora.

These are only 23. If any figures out the last 1 E-mail me !

Ride Epona Anywere With Any Character

First open file 1, then fly to any Owl save block but not by Milk Road. Then put on the mask you what to use on Epona save at the Owl and open file 2. Ride Epona to Milk Road and save. Open file 1 and there you are on Epona.

NOTE: Don't use Fierce Diety trick then this one. Because the sword he carrys is an auto equipped weapon so if you do that you will be stuck in the bow screen. Also don't press B button when your on Epona as a Link form.

Owl Statue Locations

Here are the owl statue locations in the land of Termina:

-In Clocktown beside the big clock
-On the shore of Southern Swamp; to the right of the boat cruise office
-In the volcano of Woodfall swamp; on the wooden stand
-Near the waterfall with iceburgs in Mountain Village
-Near the path to Snowhead Temple
-Outside the marine lab in Great Bay
-Behind Zora's Domain
-On the edge of the cliff in Ikana Valley
-In the Stone Tower area near Stone Tower Temple

Easy way to beat the horse race

Once you have Epona, go to Milk Road. Get 50 Rupies and then enter the ranch ( the first alley when you enter Milk Road). Talk to the guy standing by the fence, he will chalenge you to a race. When it comes to the part where there are fences, hit A until there is only one carrot left. Epona will soar over the fence. Also, avoid the spots that make you jump, they look helpful but slow you down.

Get A Bottle

To get a bottle go to great bay coast on the beach you will see a trail of palm trees on the cliffs. Use your hook shot to get through all the trees. At the end of all the trees you go tnto the cave. there you will find a beaver swiming around. Talk to him then go through all the hoops. After you beat him you will have to beat his big brother. After you beat him you will get a bottle.

Easy access to bombers club as human

You must have first completed the Bombers challege as a Deku scrub(finding the Bombers and getting the password)and can change back and forth between Scrub and human. Go into the Bombers hideout in East Clock Town near the Mayors Office then get the Moons Tear,take of the Deku mask so you are human and walk up to the Bomber guard at the entrance to the hide out and talk to him he will congratulate you and you will be able to pass in and out of the hideout freely (with the password ofcourse)

None Movement Ocarina

This trick can only be used as Deku, Goron or Zora. This won't help you through the game but it is fun to do. First use your ocarina, then hold L. Any song you play will not work and Deku, Goron or Zora won't move at all when you hit a note.

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