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Cheat codes for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5.2 Page visits: 83417 

Chicken Attack

Atack a chicken 3 times and all the chickens atack you!

Where to Sell the Masks

Here's a list of the masks and the people who will buy them from you.

Mask of Truth -- Keep this one!
Keaton Mask -- Guard in Kakiriko Village
Skull Mask -- Skull Boy in Lost Woods
Spooky Mask -- Boy in Graveyard
Bunny Hood -- Marathon Runner in Hyrule Field
Goron Mask -- Can't sell to anyone
Zora Mask -- Can't sell to anyone
Gerudo Mask -- Can't sell to anyone

The Scarecrow Song

When you go to Lake Hyrule as young Link, show your Ocarina to the scarecrow. He will ask you to play a song so remember whatever song you create. Show and play the song back to the other scarecrow. Come back to the lake as adult Link and play the song to the first scarecrow and you will learn the scarecrow song!

Super Cuccoo Game Cheat

This should make it a lot easier to catch the Super Cuccoos. As young Link, go to Lon Lon Ranch and enter the first door on the left. The sleeping guy (Talon?) will be there in a room full of chickens. Grab and toss all the chickens into the corner of the room where the bottom of the staircase is. The chickens will get stuck there and won't roam as much. Now go and play the Super Cucco game. He'll toss his three "super chickens" into the room. An easy win, now that all the other chickens are stuck in the corner. The prize: A full bottle of Lon Lon milk.

Stone of Agony

Please note that you must have the Rumble Pak for this secret to happen. Once you aquire the Stone of Agony, equip it, and every time Link approaches an important item in the game, the Stone of Agony will beat real hard the closer you get to the important item. It is basically a little note that your approaching something good.

Steal the Fisherman's Hat

When you go to the fishing pond while you are Adult Link, you can use the fishing rod to steal the fisherman's hat! Simply cast your line towards him and if you aimed correctly, you'll take his hat. (If it doesn't work at first, try again!) He'll get upset and ask you to give it back. (Don't lose it in the water! He'll charge you 50 Rupees!)

Songs for the Ocarina

You can't use these until you learn them in the game, but here's a list to help you if you forget.

Zelda's Lullaby: C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right.
Epona's Song: C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right.
Saria's Song: C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left.
Sun's Song: C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up.
Song Of Time: C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Down.
Song Of Storms: A, C-Down, C-Up, A, C-Down, C-Up.
Minuet Of Forest: A, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right.
Bolero Of Fire: C-Down, A, C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, C-Right, C-Down.
Serande Of Water: A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left.
Requiem Of Spirit: A, C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A.
Nocturne Of Shadow: C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, A, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down.
Prelude Of Light: C-Up, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up.

Skulltula Rewards

Kill the following numbers of Skulltula Spiders and receive the items below:
10: Adult Wallet (holds 200 rupees)
20: Stone of Agony (hidden rumblings
30: Giant Wallet (holds 500 rupees)
40: Bombchu (climbs up walls)
50: Piece of Heart
100: Gold Rupee

Shortcuts Through the Lost Woods

To Get Through The Lost Woods Quickly, Follow These Directions: Go Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Right.

To Get To Goron City Quickly From Kokri Forest, Take The First Right, Then a Left, And Go Straight.
NOTE: You Must Have Already Been To Goron City And Blown Up the Boulders Covering the Path.

Secret of Butterflies

Ever wonder what secret the harmless little butterflies are hiding that flutter about Hyrule? As young Link, take out a stick and find some butterflies. Slowly follow them until one touches the stick -- which, tadaaaa: turns it into a red fairy. Use a bottle to catch it or touch it to be healed instantly.

Save the Ranch and Get Animals

As a kid go to Lon Lon Ranch. Talk to Malon and she'll teach you a song. Play it to Epona and she'll grow fond of you. Then become an adult. Go to Lon Lon Ranch and pay Mr. Indigo to ride a horse. Then when you're in there, play Epona's song. Epona will run up to you and you ride her for a minute. Then pay him again, get on epona, ride to Mr. Indigo and speak to him. He'll ask if you want to race, say yes. Beat him twice. Then he'll lock you in the ranch. All you have to do is jump over the gate. To get the cow go back to the ranch and talk to Malon. She should ask if you want to do the obstacle course, say yes, and if you break the record you get a cow.

Red Fairies Galore!

In Lake Hylia go to where the owl is sitting between the two bridges. Talk to him. After you talk to him run away so he doesn't take you to the castle. Go back to where he was. Then go behind the piece of stone and pull it. Go in the hole and there will be about 20 red fairies!

Navi's Hints

Be sure to keep an eye on your fairy companion at all times. When Navi turns green and flies over to a spot, it's usually an indication that there is something hidden there. If you don't feel a rumble from the Stone of Agony, then it's most likely a red fairy (refreshes health and magic). Play the Song of Storms or Zelda's Lullaby, to lure it out. In some occasions, Navi also points out potential "scarecrow" spots and hidden caves.

Magic Bean Square Locations

Here's the locations of the Magic Bean Squares.

Lake Hylia by the laboratory.
Desert Colossus by the temple.
Gerudo Valley by the bridge.
To the left of the entrance bridge to Kokiri Forest.
By the Kokiri shop.
Lost woods - trail to it: right, left, right, left, and left.
Zora's river by the bean selling man.
Kokariko graveyard at the top-back-left corner.
Death mountain trail at the foot of dodongo cavern.
Play the Bolero of Fire to warp into the death mountain crater and the square will be right near the point of arrival.

Magic Arrows

Fire Arrow - In Lake Hylia, walk across the bridges to get to the tree. Play the Ocarina to make it night time. Equip your bow. Play the flute again, then shoot the sun.

Ice Arrow - In the Gerudo training course, you must collect keys. When you have at least 5, walk into the door in front of the entrance, and use all the keys to make a path. In the big chest you will find the Ice Arrow.

Light Arrow - When you get all of the medallions, go to the Temple of Time. You will find Zelda and she will give it to you.

How to get Epona the Horse

Getting Epona can be very tricky at times. This guide will help you beat Mr Igno.

Learn Epona's Song. As Young Link talk to Malon in the horse corral in Lon Lon Ranch after meeting Princess Zelda. Talk to her again and show her your ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's Song.

Become Adult Link and get at least 70 rupees.

Talk to Mr. Ingo outside the corral at Lon Lon Ranch and pay 10 rupees to ride the horse. Instead of getting on the horse provided, play Epona's Song and Epona will run up to you. Ride her around the corral to practice. Wait until the time is up.

Talk to Mr. Ingo again and pay to ride again. Play Epona's Song and get on Epona. This time, walk up to Mr. Ingo while on Epona and use Z Targeting to talk to him. He'll challenge you to a race with a 50 rupee wager.

Win the race against Mr. Ingo. He'll challenge you to a second race. Win again and you'll get Epona.

Use the A button to get Epona running really fast and jump over any fence to escape the ranch.
Race Tips: Racing Mr. Ingo can be tough. Here's how to win. Hold forward on the control stick as soon as the race begins. Use 1 carrot (push A to use a carrot) and wait for it to come back before using it again to keep up with Mr. Ingo. Hug the fence and wait for him to move out of your way. Then use up all the carrots you have EXCEPT ONE to speed Epona up and pass him. Wait until a second carrot appears and use it, then keep doing this to keep ahead of Mr. Ingo. NEVER USE YOUR LAST CARROT! Just keep using the second-to-last carrot. If you use the last one you'll slow down big time and lose.

Hidden Red Fairies

Low on energy? Find a Gossip Stone (the cycloptic rocks that giggle when you hit them) and play one of the following three songs next to it:
Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, or Song of Storms.

Either touch the red fairy that flies out to fill up your energy or catch it in a bottle so that it can revive you if you die.

Hidden Gold Rupee

Don't wait untill you have 100 Gold Skulltulas to get the golden Ruppee, get it as soon as you get bombs. As either Link, go to Kakariko Village. Right when you walk in there is that tree in the middle. Well take about 10 paces directly behind that tree, you should be in the center of a somewhat open area in the town. (If you have the Stone of Agony, you will feel it rumble.)

Place a bomb there and back away, when it explodes there will be a hole in the ground and kill the two mummies with the Song of the Sun and your sword. A treasure chest will appear with a golden ruppee inside.

Great Faerie Locations

1.) Magic Spin Slash: On Top of Death Mountain, there is sign, to the left looks like a door, BOMB it to find a door.

2.) Din's Fire: In Hyrule castle, once you enter climb up the vines, jump of the gate and run foward, there should be a sign, go past it and use a BOMB to blow up the rock.

3.) Farore's Wind: At Zoras Fountain, go to the right once you enter, there is a island with trees and rocks, go there, use a BOMB on the rock on the wall, then run into the cave.

4.) Double magic meter: Play the Bolero of Fire on the Ocarina, then go across the bridge that leads to the Leader Goron, instead of going into his chamber, go left, equip your MEGATON HAMMER and break the rock.

5.) Double Energy : Once you leave the market going towards Ganons Castle, go right, run until you see a bunch of rocks, go past them and you will see a big column, use your GOLD GAUNTLETS to lift it.

Golden Scales

Go to the fishing hut when Link is an adult. If you can catch a 20 pound fish you'll receive golden scales. These let you dive to 8 meters.

Get The Hylian Shield

To get the Hylain Shield, go to the graveyard. Pull on the tombstone that has three flowers in front of it. This will reveal a secret cave. Now go inside a claim the Hylian Shield as your reward.

Free Lon Lon Milk

If you have an empty bottle, stand in front of any cow and play "Epona's Song". The cow will feel energetic and fill your bottle up with Lon Lon Milk for free!

Finding Gold Skulltulas

Before planting a Magic Bean in a mound of soft dirt, empty a jar of bugs (you can buy them for 50 rupees at Hyrule Market or just find them under rocks) on top of the mound. Catch one of the bugs mmediately afterwards so you don't have to find or buy more of them. After one of the bugs goes into the mound of dirt, a Gold Skulltula will jump out, except for the mound right next to the bean selling guy.

Defeat the FINAL Ganon

After Link defeats Ganondorf in the tower, his relief soon fades as the King of Gerudo thieves makes one more wish on the triforce of Power. He transforms himself into Ganon - a creature that reflects the true nature of his heart. With a mighty blow, he knocks away the Master Sword from your hands! A ring of fire now encircles the battle field making it impossible for you to retrieve it.

Quickly, and carefully aim a Light Arrow into Ganon's eyes. Once he's stunned, go behind him and use the Megaton hammer to hit his tail. You must repeat this process until the circle of fire subsides. When the moment comes, run to the Princess who has retrieved the sword for you! Note: The Big Goron Sword is useless in this final fight so make sure you equip the Master Sword.

When fighting the mutated Ganon, simply bumrush the evil villain and proceed to slash violently at point blank range. It's very important to make sure Link is facing Ganon's belly at all times as he constantly turns. While swinging away, don't worry if every blow is deflected; eventually, Link somehow sneaks a few cuts behind Ganon and actually hits his tail (his only vulnerable spot). Most of the time, Link will completely pass through Ganon providing easier access to his tail (just remember to keep slashing!). Only a few successful hits are needed to finish the job. As Gannon falls defeated, the Princess Zelda will put a temporary restraining spell over him while Link delivers the final blow! Then, enjoy the final animated sequence - you've more than earned it!

Cure a Wounded Sign

If you slash a sign to smithereens, you can put it back together by playing Zelda's lullaby on your ocarina. The sign will magically recreate itself infront of your eyes.

Creating Music with the Ocarina

You can get even more detailed in the music you play with the ocarina with these extra tips. To play flat notes, hold Z while playing a note. To play sharp notes, hold R while playing a note. To vary the pitch on a note, use the Control Stick. Try it out and compose your own masterpieces!

Chicken Attack

Any fan of the old Zelda games will have figured this one out already:

Attack a chicken repeatedly with your sword and it will call for backup. Soon, tons of chickens will flap around on screen, trying to give Link that same fuzzy "Birds" feeling as in Hitchcock's famous movie.

Simply leave the room or area to stop the chicken attack.

Bottle Locations

Bottle #1:At Lon Lon Ranch, play Talon's Super Cucco Game. When you win, you will receive a bottle(1) with Lon Lon milk

Bottle #2: In Kakariko village, find all the cuccos and return them to the pen, then talk to the lady standing next to the pen, she will give you a bottle.

Bottle #3: At Lake Hylia (you must have the silver scale), dive into the water to find a bottle and a letter.

Bottle #4: As adult Link, go to the market and talk to the ghost person in the house directly to the left asyou enter. Go outside and collect poes, once you collect 1000 points, the ghost will give you a bottle.

Big Bomb Bag

As a kid go to the bombchu game room in Hyrule Town Market. Play a second time, if you win, you will recieve a bomb bag that can hold 30 bombs.

If you're not very good at bombachu bowling, here's another way to get a bigger bomb bag. As young Link, go to Goron City. There is a large Goron rolling around. Stop him with a bomb, and he will give you a bigger bomb bag.

Better Fishing Lure

To get a better lure while fishing in Lake Hylia, go fishing at night. When the man at the counter gives you the rod, make a B-line to the log in the middle of the pond, and walk around on it. If you are lucky, you will find a sinking lure.(you can use it even though the sign says you can't, the guy won't notice) The fish like the lure you find much better than the one the guy at the counter gives you, and the fish are almost garunteed to bite every time you cast!

Another Gold Rupee

If you haven't gotten all the Gold Spider Tokens and have already gotten the Gold Rupee in Kakariko Village, here's another one you can get. In front of the entrance to Goron City, there is a raised platform with a circle of stones. When in the middle of those stones, play the Song of Storms, and a Secret Grotto will open up. Jump down the hole and get your Gold Rupee.

All the Heart Pieces

Lon Lon Ranch - In the shed at Lon Lon Ranch, move the crate to reveal a secret hole in the wall.
Dodongo's Cavern - When you're Young Link, plant a Magic Bean at the mouth of the cave. Come back when you're Adult Link and a stalk has grown there. Climb the stalk to find the Heart Piece.
Hyrule Field - Near the path leading to Lake Hylia, there's a section of grass that's fenced in on all sides. Throw a bomb into the center of that area to uncover a secret grotto.
Lon Lon Ranch - At the north end of the ranch, detonate a bomb at the base of the tree to reveal a secret grotto.
Kakariko Village - When you're Young Link, go to Death Mountain and get a ride from the owl. He'll drop you on a roof in Kakariko Village. Drop down to the awning below and go into the house.
Kakariko Village - Use your Longshot to get on top of one of the houses in town. Talk to the man you find there.
Kakariko Graveyard - During the night, when you and Dampe are wandering the graveyard, you'll find the Heart Piece while he digs.
Kakariko Windmill - After you race Dampe's Spirit through the cavern, play the Song of Time for him. A blue stone will disappear on one side of the cave, opening a path to the windmill. Follow the path and once you get inside the windmill, you'll find the Piece of Heart.
Kakariko Graveyard - After you win the race against Dampe's Spirit, he'll give you a Piece of Heart.
House of Skulltula - After you collect 50 golden tokens come back to the House of Skulltula and get a Piece of Heart from the now freed child.
Kakariko Graveyard - While you're Young Link, plant a Magic Bean in the corner of the graveyard. Come back when you're Adult Link to climb the stalk and claim a Piece of Heart.
Kakariko Graveyard - When you're walking around the graveyard, you'll see something odd about one of the stones. Pull the stone and go into the secret passage. Then play the Sun's Song to get the Heart Piece.
Zora's River - As you go up Zora's River, you'll see a group of frogs. Play the Song of Storms for them.
Zora's River - Keep on playing all the songs you know for the frogs and they'll give you another Piece of Heart before you go.
Zora's River - Take a cucco from the riverbank and use him to fly up to a plateau. There, take another cucco to reach the Piece of Heart.
Zora's River - At the entrance to Zora's Domain, you'll see the Piece of Heart on a ledge far from your reach. To get it, go back to the place where you found the cucco along the riverbank and take him back to that spot. Jump off the path and you'll be able to get the Heart Piece!
Market - Win the game and get to the final room to get the Piece of Heart.
Market - When you play and win the Bombchu Bowling game, you'll get random prizes. If you keep winning, eventually you'll get the Piece of Heart as a prize.
Market - Find the woman whose dog ran away. Help her get it back by waiting until nightfall. Then, look near the Bazaar to find it and give it back to the woman for a Piece of Heart.
Lost Woods - Go through the Woods until you reach the mysterious Skull Kid. When he urges you to, take out the Ocarina and play Saria's Song. After hearing the song, he'll give you the Heart Piece.
Lost Woods - Go even deeper into the Lost Woods and you'll reach two Skull Kids. When they ask you to join them as they sang, play the Ocarina and follow along the song. Then, they'll give you the Piece of Heart.
Zora's Domain - There's a hidden chamber behind the waterfall. Light up a Deku Stick and go behind the waterfall where you'll find several more torches. Light them all and a chest containing the Piece of Heart will appear.
Zora's Fountain - When you go to Zora's Fountain as Adult Link, it will all be frozen like ice. Find the ice block with the Heart Piece inside and pry it loose from the ice to claim it!
Ice Cavern - As you go through the Ice Cavern, you'll come across a red ice block with a Piece of Heart inside. Get a bottle full of blue flame and put it over the red ice to get the Piece.
Zora's Fountain - When you get the Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots, submerge yourself under the lake in Zora's Fountain. There, you'll find the Piece of Heart.
Death Mountain Crater: Enter the Crater with the Goron Tunic on and as Adult Link, then explore the crater walls to find the Piece of Heart.
Death Mountain Crater - Inside the Crater, climb up the stalk that grew from the Magic Bean. Then, go up the towering spire to reach the Heart Piece.
Goron City - Light all the torches on the lower level of the city to make the giant urn spin. Run up to the upper level and throw a Bomb into the urn's open top to get a prize. Hopefully, it'll be the Piece of Heart!
Lake Hylia - Go to the Fishing Pond and catch the biggest fish in the pond to get the Heart Piece.
Lake Hylia: After you get the Golden Scale, dive into the well in the lab next to Lake Hylia. There, you'll find the Piece of Heart.
Lake Hylia - When you're Young Link, plant the Magic Bean in the spot near the lab by Lake Hylia. Come back when you're Adult Link and climb the stalk to reach the top of the lab. Up there waiting for you is a Piece of Heart!
Gerudo Fortress - On you way to Gerudo Fortress, you'll see a waterfall. Take a cucco and jump through the waterfall into a secret chamber. There, you'll find the Heart Piece.
Gerudo Fortress - On the opposite side of the waterfall, you'll see a narrow canyon. Take a cucco and jump off the bridge and land on the ledge far below to get the Piece of Heart.
Gerudo Fortress - While you're exploring the inside of the Fortress, look up and use the Hookshot on the exposed roof chest. You'll reach the Piece of Heart there, too!
Gerudo Fortress - While you're riding Epona, your horse through Gerudo Fortress, you have to shoot at targets. If you score over 1,000 points, you'll win the Piece of Heart.
Spirit Temple - When you are Young Link, plant a Magic Bean near the Temple's entrance. Then, come back later as Adult Link when the stalk has grown. Climb up it to find the Piece of Heart.

Ride a cow

Get the cow from the horse obstacle course and when at home get milk as many times as possilble(however many bottles you have) now smash every pot in every house in the houses in the village no go back to your house the cow will be outside and you can ride it !viola!

The Secret Of Biggoron's Sword

As an adult, link gets the oppertunity to buy a Giant's knife from Medigoron in Goron city.For 200 rupees,you can buy this very fragile two handed sword ,Guranteed to break soon after you equip for the first time. Biggoron, who waits near the entrance to Death Mountain Crater, will warn you about his brothers shop, and will insist that he is the brother with the true swordmaking skills. But if you present him with the broken sword you brought from his brother, he won't offer to fix it. Theres another way to get one of Biggoron's well-crafted swords, However
In kakariko villiage the cucco lady will give you one of her people, such as perpetually sleeping Talon(in the workers new pocket cucco's If you make it happy by using it to wake house) she'll be so delighted she'll give you another bird to take care of. This starts a long cycle of trading and Errand-running That ends with Biggorons sword in your inventory.
Heres how it goes:

1) Take the second cucco cojiro to where the skull kid was in the lost woods the will be an ugly man sitting there give the cucco to him he will give you an odd mushroom you must rush back to kakariko village to give the mushroom to the hag in grannys potion shop. ( make sure you have epona ready)

2) Give the mushroom to the crone and she will whip up an odd potion hurry back to the man in the lost woods and give it to him before he turns into a monster.

3) No matter how fast you run when you arrive in the woods the man will be gone and a kokiri girl will be in his place give her the potion and she will give you the poacher's saw.

4) T ake the poachers saw to the head carpenter in the gerudo vally he will give you a broken Giant's Knife

5) Take the Goron sword to Biggoron he will offer to fix it (finally) he will give you a prescription take this to king Zora in Zora's Domain.

6) King Zora will give you the main ingrediant for the
eyedrops hurry to lake hylia to give the frog to the lake proffesser(once again have epona ready)

7) The proffesor will make up the eyedrops and insist that you get to Biggoron with the eyedrops in under 4 minutes HAVE EPONA READY!!!!.

8) Once at Biggoron give him the eydrops and he will give you a claim check go back to him in 3 days and guess what YOU'LL GET THE BIGGORONS SWORD !!!ENJOY!!!

Catch a 35 pound hyrule loach

To catch a 35 pound hyrule loach go to the fishing place in lake hylia as an adult no go to the middle of the pond with the iron boots on you will see the loach it is long and dark it looks like an eel if you can catch it with the sinking lure it will be much easier otherwise good luck!! after you get it show it to the owner he will give you 50 rupees it's onl 50 rupees but what a record!!!!!

Get 100 gold skultulas

Next to hyrule castle,[right after you get out of the moat]there is a tree. Play the song of storms next to it and a sound will go off. a hole will apear next to the tree. Now, go into the hole and bomb all three walls. In one wall there will be a skulltula and a gold skulltula. Kill the gold skulltula,but right before you get the token with the boomerang [when the skulltula token is on the boomerang] do a backflip back into the portal. You will notice the skulltula saying will be cut off. Anyway, if you go back down and bomb the same wall again, the gold skulltula will be there!Keep on repeating this prosses until you get 100 gold skulltulas total!

Infinite Bottles

For this cheat you have to have an item in your inventory that you don't need like the Claim Check after you get the Biggoron's sword. Take out a bottle and equip it to one of your C buttons. Go up to something(a fish, bugs, anything you can catch in a bottle) Go to catch it then press start when your in the middle of swinging the bottle. Then you equip an object to the C button which the bottle was on and that should turn into a bottle. (Remember, don't do this to anything you need to finish the game)

Great Fairy Location: Getting Nayru's Love

When you're an adult warp to the Desert Collosus. Go straight past the Spirit Temple and you should see a dried up pond. Go left or right( I'm not exactly sure which way) and on one aide you should see two palm trees right next to each other. Go in the middle of them and you will see a crack in the wall. Put a bomb there and go in. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce and the fairy will come out. Nayru's Love put's half a rupee around you and this makes you invulnerable but it will take up magic from your meter so make sure you have the double magic meter.

Secret red fairy place

In the area with the desert collossus there is a dried out oasis. I'm not sure where it is exactly, but it isn't that hard to find. Next to the oasis there is a coffin shaped rock. Stand on the rock and play the song of storms. The oasis will fill up and reward you with a lot of fairys. Another thing is if you shoot the coconuts on the palm tree you'll get money and stuff.

How to grow Fairies (Child Link)

As child Link plant beans in any square patch of soil and stand on the square. Play the Song of Storms and fairies should come out.(Note:You must leave area to repeat).

Unlimited Energy

Go to LonLonranch.Stand in front of a cow and play Epona's song.If you have an empty bottle youl get some refreshing LonLonMilk!Repeat this as much as you like.

200 extra points on card

Grab Epona and head to Lon Lon Ranch,and go straight past the bit where you played the chiken game when little,then look left where you will find a bunch of chikens.Ride over them with Epona until they attack.At this point stop still and equip your bow and arrow then shoot the chikens(still on Epona) until the attack has finished.Then if you have done this correctly you should have an extra 200 points on your card.

Cool Epona Trick

This trick isn't very useful, but it's fun to try. When you are small Link, goto Lon Lon ranch (in the middle of the horse area) and play Epona's song. The small will follow you for a while. Leave slowly out the gate to the horse area. If Epona leaves you, just play the song again before she gets too far. Turn right when you get out of the gate and go as far as you can before Epona leaves you. She will try to run back to Malon, but the fence will be in the way. She will keep running until you leave the area.

Spooky Mask Glitch

In Gerudo Fortress go to the Horse Riding Archery Game and stand behind the Gerudo Ladie and push the A button.You must have the Gameshark in and codes activated.Becuase when I tried it with out Gameshark it did'nt work.

Extra Heart Container

After you have gotten the eye of truth, goto to the castle's villiage at night as little Link to the treasure chest game. Pay your entrance fee to receive the first key to the door. After you enter the room with the chests use the eye of truth to select the chest with the key in it. At the end the game the prize is a heart container.

Finding Nayru's Love

Nayru's Love is a protective barrier that helps Link withstand damage. It can be found by blowing up the crack between the two palm trees in Desert Colossus.

Great fairy of courage

This Great fairy doubles adult Link's defensive powers. She is located near Ganon's castle. Obtain the Golden Gauntlets inside Ganon's castle. Use them to lift the column that is blocking the entrance, which is to the right, when facing Ganon's tower.

Great fairy of wisdom

This Great fairy doubles Link's magic meter. She is located inside the Death Mountain crater. Face the entrance to Goron City (inside the crater). A bridge will be to the right. Use the megaton hammer (obtained after passing the Fire Temple) to destroy the rocks blocking the entrance. Bombs will have no effect.

Great fairy of power

This Great fairy gives Link the "spin slash" attack. She is located at Death Mountain, outside the crater to the left of the entrance, behind a bomb-able wall.

Ghost Cocos

Visit the village that has the windmill. If you are young Link you attack one of the ladies cocos. When cocos start attacking you, jump into the ( hopefully by now empty ) well. But, if you are old Link you must have the long shot and shoot the pole in the lower window of the windmill. Then attack the coco until the coco starts attacking you and jump into the well. If you look up from the well, you see cocos fly down but not hitting you.

Unlimited Rupees

If you name your main character MORUP, you will get unlimited rupees after you get your first Huge Rupee. (Commonly called a Gold Rupee. Any way, it is the Rupee worth 200.)

Ghost Link

As a child when it is daytime, go to the drawbridge leading to the Market and play the Sun's Song. It should be nighttime now! There is a little platform that the bridge would be blocked off in the daytime. Step on it and play the Sun's Song. The bridge will go through Link!

Kill the Giant Goron

Go to Goron city as a kid and bomb the Giant Goron. After about 10 bombs he will grunt and die, the rest of the gorons will come out to kill you.

NOTE: This can only be done once so don't save.

Hidden Frog Rupees

As young link, head to Zora's River Falls. Head past the man selling beans. Use the rooster to get across the water. Go down the path until you spot a single frog in the river. There will be a log in the water that you can stand on. Take out your ocarina and play some songs such as the ones listed on the pause screen. Each time you play a song they know, a new frog pops out and gets bigger, you recieve 80 rupees. When you play the song of storms, you get a heart piece.

Easy way through Lost Woods

If it's you're first time through the Lost Woods, Here's a easy way to go through it. Look at the hole you want to go through, if it has a white light in the center, you will get lost. If it has no white light, its safe.

Burnin' Slip-'N'-Slide

Warp to Sacred Forest Meadow. Run down the steps to the Moblin, keeping out of the way of his mallet. Now, just before he swings, get under his mallet, pause and change into your hover boots. Stand still and wait for him to hit you away. At first it looks like standard stuff but you'll find you don't stop and you end up under the tree branch you just warped to.

2 Shields Are Better Than One

As a kid, equip your Kokiri shield, and hold it out with R. Still holding R, press start and equip the Hyrulian shield. With any luck, you should now have two shields out, which protects your back and your front.

Get Ocarina of Time Early

If you are desperate to get your hands on the Ocarina Of Time, but you are stuck with the Kokiri Ocarina, then here's what to do. Do the above bottle trick, and have the Kokiri Ocarina the item that you replace it with. Now, go and learn any song, and you will get the Ocarina back. However, the ocarina you get is actually the Ocarina Of Time!

Infinite Rupees

In Kakariko Village, in The House of Skulltula, first kill 30 Skulltulas to get the Giant Wallet. Then kill 100 Skulltulas to get a Giant Rupee(which is worth 200 Rupees). Get the Giant Rupee then exit The House of Skulltula, re-enter, and you can get it again. Do this over and over when you're low on rupees so you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want. Enjoy!

Epona Glitches

These glitches are bound to blow you away! I noticed that as long as you have the Master Sword, Epona won't let you use items when you are on top of her. Well, just do the No Sword Glitch described somewhere on this web site and then find Epona. You can use all the weapons you wan't on her! You can use the Ocarina to turn everything purple or to hover, you can use the Deku Nuts and Longshot, you can even use Din's Fire on her! Cool huh? Oh, and when you play Saria's Song when on Epona, you'll hover above Epona and you can ride like that anywhere. Y'know, ANYWHERE. When you use the Deku Nuts, then the Longshot, then the Deku Nuts again, you can run around in first person view. And, if you use the Ocarina of Time or Deku Nuts when on Epona, you will dismount and control both Link and Epona!

No Sword Glitch

Before you do this cheat, be warned. This cheat may destroy your save file, mess up the game, or completely disable your N64. Here it is. First, you have to finish the game once. Then, go up to the top of Ganon's Castle. Then, find Gannondorf and fight him until he turns into Ganon. After he knocks your sword away, save your file and restart the console. When you select your file, you will be in the Temple of Time and instead of having your sword, you will be holding a Deku Stick! (WARNING: Do not use it. If you do your game will crash!)

Deku Club

You have to be in a place where you can jump off of a cliff and have enough time to swing your deku stick at an adjacent wall. The best place is in the kokiri forest near the entrance to the lost woods. Before you jump, pull out your deku stick. Once you jump, press the deku stick button to hit the wall. It will count as the stick breaking, but you will still be holding half of the stick. It is stronger than your sword, but if you leave the area it will disappear.

Still Have a Sword

When you fight the last form of Ganon, he will knock the Master Sword out of your hand. Press pause and go to the swords and choose the Biggoron's sword.This will make the begining of the fihgt alot easier.

Get Boleoro of Fire

As an adult, go to Goron City. Then you will see a little goron rolling. When he is rolling, bomb him (once). Go up to him and talk to him and he will give you the Goron Tunic (It lets you survive in heatness). Then, goto Death Mountain Crater (Top of Death Mountain Trail). You will see sheik. She will give u the Boleoro of fire (It's hard to remember but you'll get used to it).

Get Prelude of light

After completing the fire temple, go to the temple of time. Sheik will thank you and teach you the Prelude of light.

Get Minuet of Forest

After releasing the Master sword, goto the end of Sacerd Forest Meadow. You will see sheik! She will teach u the Minuet of Forest! Note: It lets you warp there anytime when you play that song on your Ocarina.

Get Zelda's Lullaby

After completing 'Inside the Great Deku Tree', Go to hyrule catsle. Go past the guards and go in the catsle. There will be more guards! Sneak past them and go at the end. Princess Zelda will be looking out the window. Talk to her and go back. A guy named Sheikaha (a.k.a. Sheik) will block the way! Talk to her and she will teach you Zelda's Lullaby! Afterwards, Sheik will let you out of the castle safely.

Blue boxes

This cheat is very important. You need to know this because it is what you need to do in maybe all the temples. These boxes are sometimes annoying, and sometimes helpful. Play the song of time to get them out of your way. When you need them, play the song of time. Note: This won't happen in all the areas in the game, only some places.

Get Sun's song

Go to the graveyard. Go all the way the farthest (until you see the triangle symbol) and play Zelda's Lullaby when u are standing on top of it. A hole will appear in front of you. Go in it and keep going until you see a dead end (the entrance after passing the dead guys) and play your ocarina in front of it. It will teach u the Sun's song! Note: it lets you change day to night and night to day whenever you want!

Weak point of enemies

To know the weak point of enemies, Z target them, and talk to your fairy. She will tell you where it is. Note: Your fairy doesn't know where it is on the final battle, ganon.

Get Song of time

After completing 'Inside Jabu-Jabu's belly', go to the hyrule field. You will see the evil gannondorf chase princess Zelda. She will throw the ocarina of time in the water. Dive and get it and she will teach you the Song of time.

Note: Play the Song of time somewhere in the temple of time and you will realease all three stones. The door will open and you will get the Master Sword!! You will also grow up to be an adult.

Fire arrows

Go to Lake hylia as an adult. Then when it is raining, wait until morning. Then when the sun pops out quikly shoot it with an arrow. Fire arrows will come down from the sun.

Get Song of storms

Go to Kakariko Village. In a house called ? you will see a guy pumping the wooden wheel. Play your ocarina in front of him. He will teach you the song of storms!

Note: For a little fun, play the song of storms in that place and go on the wheel. You will spin like crazy!

Get Serenade of water

When you get the iron boots from the ice carven, Sheik will eventually come (right after you get them). He teach you the Serenade of water.

Easy way through hyrule castle

First, get the egg from the girl. Next to her there will be vines, so climb them. When you get on top, jump over the stone bridge to get past the gate (or go through the door if your stupid). Next, soldiers will be gurding the way. Turn back and go up the hill (be careful of the soldier over there). Keep going till you see a stone bridge. Climb it, jump off, Go in the water and you'll be there! Note: go in the water in case the 2 sodiers see you. Then wake up the guy with the egg when it hatches. Move the box so you can get in the hyrule castle!

Ice arrows

Complete the Geurdo Training center in Geurdo's fortress.

Beat second boss

To kill the 2nd boss is easy. When he opens his mouth, throw a bomb in and then keep hittng him with your sword. Keep reapeating this till he dies.

Hint: When he rolls, stand on the little hill near the lava to dodge.

Easy way to kill Ganondorft

First have alot of arrows before fighting him. When you get to his room on the top of his tower and you start your fight get to a side and get an arrow ready. Then he'll get a really big magic ball ready then shot him with an arrow of light. Do this intell he's dead.

Infinite Amount of Rupees

As an adult enter the Lost Woods and take a left. Kill the Skull Kid and leave the area. Reenter and kill him again. This should give you unlimited rupees.

Seemingly Impossible Heart Piece

You know the cage in Impa's house with a cow and Heart Piece inside? It is actually possible to get it. Go to the top of the watchtower thing in Kakariko, and then Longshot to the blue roof where you find the man who gives you a Heart Piece(get that one if you dont have it already) then longshot to a space inside the windmill where an opening is with a light brown object inside. longshot to it. Then go up the staircase where you find a chicken. grab it, and fly over to the area above the place where you find the cucco lady with the logs below it. go in, and you find a Heart Piece.

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