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Cheat codes for NFL Blitz

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1431 


When it says do you want to enter a name then slect yes and enter
luis as the name{example} then enter the pin number when that screen comes up
name pin #

luis 3333
brain 1111
carltn 1111
shinok 8337
raiden 3691
thug 1111
zz 1221
todd 1122
ed 3246
marka 1112
jimk 5651
billz 0526
van 1234
earltn 1111
forden 1111
mike 3333
root 6000
japple 6660
daniel 0604

Matchup Screen Codes

Note: Enter these cheats at the Matchup Screen the first number is how many times you Press Turbo the second number is how many times you Press Jump the third number is how many times you Press Pass IE: 0-4-1 Down = Turbo 0 times Jump 4 times Pass 1 time then Down.


Turn Off Cheats 1-1-1 Down

Smarter CPU Opponent Code 3-1-4 Down

Fast Passes Cheat 2-5-0 Left

Super Field Goals Cheat 1-2-3 Left

Stepping Out Of Bounds Allowed Cheat 2-1-1 Left

Turn Off Stadium Code
5-0-0 Left

Late Hits Code 0-1-0 Up

No First Downs Code 2-1-0 Up

No Interceptions Code 3-4-4 Up

No Punting Code 1-5-1 Up

Invisible Cheat 4-3-3 Up

Infinite Turbo Cheat 5-1-4 Up

Random Play Selection Code 1-1-5 Left

Show More Field Code 0-2-1 Right

No CPU Assistance Code 0-1-2 Down

Tournament Mode Code 1-1-1 Down

Invisible Receiver Highlight Code 3-3-3 Left

Fast Turbo Running Cheat 0-3-2 Left

Show Field Goal % Cheat 0-0-1 Down

No Random Fumbles Cheat 4-2-3 Down

Hide Receiver Name Code 1-0-2 Right

Super Blitz Code 0-4-5 Up

Hyper Blitz Code 5-5-5 Up

Powerup Speed Cheat 4-0-4 Left

Powerup Blockers Cheat 3-1-2 Left

Powerup Teammates Cheat 2-3-3 Up

Powerup Offense Cheat 3-1-2 Up

Powerup Defense Cheat 4-2-1 Up

Big Football Code 0-5-0 Right

Team Tiny Players Code 3-1-0 Right

Team Big Players Code 1-4-1 Right

Team Big Heads Code 2-0-3 Right

No Head Code 3-2-1 Left

Headless Team Code 1-2-3 Right

Big Head Code 2-0-0 Right

Huge Head Code 0-4-0 Up

Play Night Game Code 2-2-2 Right

Fog On Code 0-3-0 Down

Thick Fog On Code 0-4-1 Down

Clear Weather Code 2-1-2 Left

Snowy Weather Code 5-2-5 Down

Rainy Weather Code 5-5-5 Right

Secret Player

After you get to the main menu, go to Arcade play. When it asks you if you want to enter your name for record keeping say yes. First type in the word "SKULL", and and highlight end and press a. Then type in the PIN code (1-1-1-1) and you should hear the announcer say "Lights out baby!". During the game your main players face will look like a skull.

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