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Cheat codes for Star Wars: Episode I Racer

 Platform: Nintendo 64 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1343 

Unlock Hidden Characters

Here are the times/tracks needed to unlock the hidden characters and their racers in the game:

The Boonta Classic
Galactic Circuit
Lap Time: 02:04:210
Race Time:06:20:012

Aldar Beedo
Beedo's Wild Ride
Amateur Circuit
Lap Time: 01:02:986
Race Time:03:16:697

Ratts Tyerell
Howler Gorge
Semipro Circuit
Lap Time: 01:31:370
Race Time:04:48:510

Andobi Mtn. Run
Galactic Circuit
Lap Time: 01:39:309
Race Time:05:05:648

Slide Paramita
AP Centrum
Invitational Circuit
Lap Time: 00:58:410
Race Time:03:03:260

Clegg Holdfast
Aquilaris Classic
Amateur Circuit
Lap Time: 01:04:700
Race Time:03:16:926

Bullseye Navior
Sunken City
Semipro Circuit
Lap Time: 01:52:620
Race Time:05:43:101

Ark Bumpy Roose
Bumpy's Breakers
Semipro Circuit
Lap Time: 02:09:358
Race Time:06:47:380

Wan Sandage
Scrapper's Run
Semipro Circuit
Lap Time: 00:44:904
Race Time:02:23:978

Bozzie Baranta
Invitational Circuit
Lap Time: 01:02:639
Race Time:03:12:934

Neva Kee
Baroo Coast
Semipro Circuit
Lap Time: 01:38:300
Race Time:04:59:640

Ben Quadinaros
Invitational Circuit
Lap Time: 00:59:549
Race Time:03:04:160

Teemto Pagalies
Mon Gazza Speedway
Amateur Circuit
Lap Time: 00:16:072
Race Time:00:52:081

Mars Guo
Spice Mine Run
Amateur Circuit
Lap Time: 01:29:470
Race Time:04:30:880

Boles Roor
Zugga Challenge
Semipro Circuit
Lap Time: 02:01:261
Race Time:06:10:897

Fud Sang
Amateur Circuit
Lap Time: 01:16:880
Race Time:03:51:921

Toy Dampner
Galactic Circuit
Lap Time: 00:31:540
Race Time:04:42:310

Turbo Boost

At the beginning of the race the announcer will say, "3... 2... 1!" Just before he says, "1!", push the analog stick UP and press A. If it worked your pilot will shout.

Sebulba's Pod Racer

To get Sebulba's Pod to race with, all you have to do is win the last race, and he will be able to be selected! Also, it mentions it in the manual, but double tap R to flash his vents. Enjoy!

Player Taunts

Dis the competition with Racer's taunt feature. At Tournament mode's Main Menu, hold the Z Button while pressing A to start a race. You'll see a brief sequence in which your racer and a rival trash-talk each other in a hanger.

Play as Jinn Reeso

Select an empty file, then press and hold the Z button while you scroll through the letters. Spell out the word "RRJINNRE" by holding Z and pressing the L button while over each letter. You should see the code spell out in the bottom left corner of the screen. When you are finished, hilight END and press L.

NOTE: This code only works AFTER you unlock Mars Guo.

Mirror Mode

Select an empty game save (to erase, press C-Up), the hold the Z button while scrolling through the letters on the name entry screen. To enter a letter, hit the L Button. Enter the word: RRTHEBEAST. When you're finished, select "End" and hit L again. Now enter your name the usual way.

Pause the race during gameplay and enter D-Pad left, down, right, up to activate mirror mode.


Select an empty game save (to erase, press C-Up), the hold the Z button while scrolling through the letters on the name entry screen. To enter a letter, hit the L Button. Enter the word: RRJABBA. When you're finished, select "End" and hit L again. Now enter your name the usual way.

Start a race and press START to pause it. Now press D-Pad left, down, right, up -- and you will be invincible.

Dual Control Mode

Select an empty game save (to erase, press C-Up), the hold the Z button while scrolling through the letters on the name entry screen. To enter a letter, hit the L Button. Enter the following word: RRDUAL.
When you're finished, select "End" and hit L again. Now enter your name the usual way.
You now control the game with two analog sticks. Use controller ports #1 and #3, press forward on both sticks to drive and pull back to steer.

Race as Cy Yungan

To race as Cy Yungan go into an empty file(If there is none, go to the file you wish to erase and press C-Up.). When it asks you to put in your initials, hold down the Z button and us the L key instaed of the A button to type in RRCYYUN(you know your doing it right when you see the letters appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.). When finished, while still holding Z, use L to select end. OK will appear at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Now, "Bullsye"Navior will become Cy Yungan. There is no other way to get Cy Yungan in the game. Also, "Bullsye" Navior has to be unlocked for this cheat to work.

All the cheats (including Jinn Reeso and Cy Yunga)

In tournament mode, select an empty file. While holding Z, enter your name as RRTANGENT by pressing L while still holding Z. Then highlight end and press L. Then press B. Then select the same file again while still holding Z. Enter your name as ABACUS by pressing L again. Then highlight end and press L. It should say OK in the bottom left hand corner. Then highlight A and press A. Then highlight end and press A. Then you can select any file and any track and start the race. Then pause the game and press on the control pad: UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. A cheat menu will appear!

Autopilot with out using ordinary codes

You can do this with any podracer on any course with a zero-gravity tunnel. As you reach the end of the tunnel pull back on the control stick until you exit the tunnel , keep holding the control stick back until you see that you are following the course.

Fly Above Other Players

I really hope other people get this code. This code will enable you to fly higher than usual.(Note: you must be coming out of a tunnle that centers you in the middle of it) When you come out of 1 of these many tunnles you must hit BREAK and pull back on the JOYSTICK just as you exit the tunnle. Presto you should be hovering.


If, for some reason, you like to hear Anakin ( or whomever you happen to be playing as) scream as your Podracer explodes, Hit self-destruct by tapping Right on the Control Pad.

Monochrome Mode

For monochrome sttings without textures, press and hold Left on the Control Pad and the Z button at the same time. By pressing and holding the Control Pad in the north-west position along with the Z Button, you can Fast-Forward though Monochrome Mode.

Invisible Podracer

To make your Podracer as clear as a wookiee is hairy, press Left on the Control Pad. As long as you hold Left, your vehicle will cruise in its invisible stealth mode.


To quickly backtrack through a racetrack, press Down on the Control Pad. The timer will still move forward, but your Podracer will shift into reverse to drive against the flow of traffic.

Yelling Insults

Want to yell insults at other players and you can't? Dont be sad. Double tap R in the middle of the race to shout insults. The only ones heard in English are Anikin's. They are lame, but fun.

Fly around the track

You must be on a level with anti-gravity tunnels to do this! When you are about to exit an anti-grav tunnel, hold down on the control stick, making your pod go up. As long as you hold down, your pod will keep flying above its hovering altitude without lowering. After awhile, though, you may want to let go so that you do not crash. This will work on every tunnel to my knowledge.

Earn Easy Money

Put in the invincibility cheat. Go to the junk yard and buy parts that are the same or better than the parts you have (ignore what the bar tells you). The dealer will give you a wad of cash, or make better parts cheap. Thesse parts are beaten up, so they sell for less. Place in an unfinished race, and go back to look at your parts. If you had the invincibility on, they will be like brand new! If you bought a part that was worse than the original, you can now buy back the original, but for less than you sold it to the dealer for !

6 Pit Droids

Go to an empty game slot in tournament mode. Holding Z and entering the letters with L, type in RRPITDROID. Then select End and put in initials as usual at Watto's shop, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, and Up. Now you will be able to have 6 pit droids !

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