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Cheat codes for Earthbound

 Platform: SNES User rating: 0.6 Page visits: 13785 


As you have probly noticed Every weapon poo uses makes his offense go down there is only one weapon he can use keep beating starman super there is a 1 in 128 chanc that you will find it if ou want to know for sure use jeffs spy option to see if a starman super has but this weapon is very powerful and almost never misses and battling starmansuper alot is a great way to gain levels.

Extra Money

Go to any town that sells eggs. Buy as many eggs as possible. Then later the eggs will hatch into chicks and then chickens. Then sell the chickens and you will be offered $110. It is a fast way to get money.

Broken antenna

Go into the cave by Tedna Village and look for the Uncontrollable sphere. If you fight enough of them, (usually 128) one will drop the broken antenna!! There you have it! It can be fixed into the Baddest Gaia Beam.

Free Cash

While in Twoson, visit the hotel. There should be a man in black sitting at a table inside the hotel. Talk to him again and again until he finally gets annoyed with you and gives you $50.

Free Magic Truffle

Go to the hospital in Threed. On the second floor there is an empty room. CHECK the dresser that is against the wall. Inside, there should be an Insignificant Item. Bring it back to a man in the Twoson hospital. He is balding and wearing black. Face him, then go to your inventory screen and select Insignificant Item, and then USE. The man will take it and give you a Magic Truffle in return!

Save Space

If you're like me, you'll find that every thing in the game has a little sentimental value, take for example the fact that you just can't let go of that Mr. Saturn coin because it reminds you of how proud the people of Saturn Valley are of you because you beat Master Belch. After a little while in the game, you will find that all of this keeping old things gets to be a little bit of a problem in the storage space area of the game. I found it a little helpful to use the bad key machine instead of getting the Key to The Tower that you can't throw away to get into the Dungeon Man on the south part of Scabara. Sure it's no extra page on your storage list for Escarso Express but it does help a little! I didn't realise this trick early enough in the game, but I'm fairly certain that this will work for the Carrot Key in Dalam too!

Game Genie Codes

Walk Through Walls - CB93-746F
Super Strong Characters - EE2E-7D01
LV.255 - EE23-77D1

Faster Music

Repeatedly tap Select for faster music.


Press A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B at the start screen.

Move Faster

I have recently noticed that the more stuff you have in your backpack, the slower you move. I took some items out, and I moved faster. Try and remove items from your backpack that you don't need. This could come in handy when running from enemies.

Rock candy trick

Once you get the rock candy, save it. Then, throw everything away that you can, and then go to Twosen. Next, go to Burlin Park and buy as many sugar packets as you can at the condiments table. Then, get in a battle, eat the rock candy,(the sugar packets will sprinkle on it), and your stats will go way up! Most cheat sites won't say this, but the trick is, when you eat the rock candy, the sugar packet will disappear, but the rock candy remains!

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