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Cheat codes for Pandemonium

 Platform: Playstation 1 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1442 

Level codes

Schroom Boss: FDAIDKA Level 6: AFACBAIK Level 7: FFAIAKDI Level 8: PIIAIBCA Level 9: AHACBAJC Level 10: ELIJAKBC Level 11: AIJCFAJG Level 12: AIICDAJI Level 13: FDIIAKDC Level 14: AKACBAJO.


Insert the following codes into the password screen.

FDAIFKOE All 18 levels and 7 hearts.
ANALAHOJ All 18 levels, 3 boss levels,5 hearts and 31 men.
TWISTEYE Hold L1 and L2 and move the d-pad to the left and the right to rotate the screen. Press DOWN to restore it.
THE THING Hold L2 and press Circle to get circled.Press Cross to get normal again.
HARDBODY Invisible.
BODYSWAP Press T to change the gender of the persons in the mid-game.
OTTOFIRE Permanent weapon.
VITAMINS 31 lives.
CORONARY Extra hearts.
BORNFREE Go to each world.
TOMMYBOY Complete a level plus a pinball bonus game.
CASHDASH Complete a level plus a bonus level.

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