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Cheat codes for Vagrant Story

 Platform: Playstation 1 User rating: 4.1 Page visits: 10977 

Extra Human Class Experience for Weapons

Right after the Minotaur battle in the Wine Cellar, you can use a training dummy to practice your chain combos. This dummy counts as human experience on your weapons, so you can use it to built up that affinity.

Weapon and shield combinations

Combine two Hangane Dubble-Blades to get a Hangane Halberd (Weapon)
Combine two Nodachis to get a Rune Blade (Weapon)
Combine two Khopeshes to get a Wakizashi (Weapon)
Combine an Oval and a Heater to get a Knight (Shield)

Get Holy Win

The last Boss has a weapon called the Holy Win, that is in the shape of the "Rood". You also can get this weapon. During a replay game, enter the Iron Maiden and defeat Asura on the third floor. Next, go back down the Iron Maiden until you get to the door to the second floor. Now, use magic or Break Arts to lower your HP to below 150. Then, enter the second floor. You have new enemies to face, so be ready. When you get to the room that takes you to the third floor, you will see an enemy holding the weapon. Kill him and you may get it. If not, go to the third floor and back to try again. Remember to keep your HP under 150 and use Break Arts as needed.

Combining equipment

Combine Fluted armour with Scale armour to get Hoplite armour. Then combine this with another Hoplite armour to get Jazeraint armour. Finally, combine this with another Jazeraint armour to get the ultimate armour, Dread armour.

Get the Dread Armor

To get Dread (Armor of all types, it's the best) you must combine two pieces of Jazzerjaint armor. I suggest doing all of your combining in the work shop "Godhands." You can combine everytype of material.

Get the Hand of Light

To get the Best weapon in the game, The Hand of Light (the great mace that the minitours carry) Go to where the human dummy is in the wine cellar. The door behind it will take you to the minitour zombie. Attack the Right Arm (the arm it is holding the handle of the weapon in). It will take you a long time to gain this incredible weapon. After killing the Zombie minitour walk out and teleport to the temple of kilita, where there is a minitour lord. Keep at this until you have the Hand of Light.

Get the Excalibur

To get the weapon Excalibur, (holy win, spiral hilt, one arturos gem and a beryl blackpearl) you must first finish your time attacks. All of the time attacks are located in the keep, right before the iron maiden.

Maximize Attribute Elixers

There are two ways of getting the most out of your Attribute Elixers. One is to wait until you get to a save point. Save your game, then use the elixer. If you don't get a high gain, simply reload and try again. As this can take a long time, another way is to save them until your risk is at max. Exit battle mode and use them. Since this is when the computer considers you most vulnerable, it greatly increases your chances of getting high attribute gains.

To get the rood inverse

To get the rood inverse you have to once beat the game, after you have done this you will be able to go through any door locked with the rood inverse. It will simply say " The Blood Sin on Ashley's back burns".

Hand of light

Instead of going back and forth to the minotaur sombie and minotaur lord, just go to the time attacks(near the warriors rest, or Keane:s workshop). There you can fight the original minotaur, and after a while you will recieve the hand of light. I have done this 2-4 successful times.

Unlimited Health

On the main menu push up, down, left, right, X, L2(3). You should hear a voice say Roit.

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