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Cheat codes for F.A. Premier League Football Manager 99

 Platform: PC User rating: 5 Page visits: 3569 

Hex Edit

By using Hex Workshop type in the clubs funds Seek by "Decimal" make "Data" for "Double" SEEK !!
At offset 3066 use the "Replace" funktion under "Edit". Type in new amount (100.000.000)
Choose replace if it asks for "all" choose "Cancel". By using a "normal" Hex editor Go to "Offset 3066"
Type 0000 0000 84D7 9741, choose save and you are the lucky owner of 100.000.000

All Teams

To start the game with whatever team you want to manage in Europe, type all teams at the main menu, then when you go to start a new game you can become manager of a team in, Spain, Italy and Germany, instead of only England and Scotland. Be sure to type it correctly, including spaces and press enter at the end.

Large Sums of Money Each Home Game

To get LARGE sums of money each home game, sell your tickets for 150 each, the same amount of spectators will still attend the match and you'll be rich in no time.

For example: Tickets costing 150 at Real Madrid will rake in over 15mil each home game.

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