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Cheat codes for Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

 Platform: PC User rating: 5 Page visits: 2568 

Cheat Codes

To activate the cheat mode, go into the Tactics screen and type IGUANA while pressing the Ctrl key. The following cheat codes contain combinations that must be pressed simultaneously. Note: Use the number-pad keys for combinations with numbers.

Cheat Code: Result
Alt-E: shows all units and items
Alt-T: teleports currently selected mercenary to the cursor position
Alt-O: eliminates all enemies in the current sector
Alt-D: refreshes action points of the current selected mercenary
Alt-R: full ammo (reloads weapon)
Alt-W: item scrolling (first select an item in detail view)
Alt-B: enemy appears at the cursor position
Alt-C: civilist appears at the cursor position
Alt-G: new mercenary appears at the cursor position
Alt-Y: robot appears at the cursor position
Alt-1: mercenary turns into a tank
Alt-2: mercenary turns into a bug
Alt-4: mercenary sits in a wheelchair
Alt-5: mercenary turns into a big bug
Alt-I: a randomly generated weapon appears at the cursor position
Alt-K: gas grenade explodes at the cursor position
Alt-Q: shows the inside of all buildings by making roofs disappear
Ctrl-T: all mercenaries in the current sector are arrested by bad queen
Ctrl-H: mercenary loses health points (cursor must be at mercenary's position)
Ctrl-U: heals the mercenary (cursor must be just at mercenary's position)
Ctrl-O: an enemy bug appears
Ctrl-K: a hand grenade explodes at the cursor position

From the Map screen, Ctrl-T teleports a troop to any selected sector. You have to be in Route Planning mode, so you can see the route.

Alt-left-click on the Go To Sector icon will eliminate all enemies.

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