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Cheat codes for Pharaoh: Cleopatra

 Platform: PC User rating: 5 Page visits: 3861 

Cheat Codes

While the game is playing, press CTRL, ALT and C, and enter the following codes.

Cheat Code - Granted Wish

Crop Busters - Swarms of locusts eat every crop in sight
Jail Break - Pack of tomb robbers looking for burial provisions appear
Ancient Astronauts - Pyramids built at quicker pace
Hail to the Chief - Hailstorm pelts your city
Amphibious Assault - Plague of frogs descends upon city
Mummys Revenge - Mummies appear from monuments and attack city
Crimson Tide - Life-giving river turns to blood

Note: The codes are case sensitive.

More Codes

To enter these cheats press ctrl + alt + c .

help homless - counts homless people in pop.
Life From Death - Good crops
Pharaohs Tomb - level skip
Treasure Chest - get more deben
Spirit of typhon - kills army invaders "NOTE" need to worship Seth
Living Large - upgrades houses
Bounty - get gift from gods
Ramsees i - unknown
typhonian Relief - protects soldiers

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