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Cheat codes for Ultima Online: The Second Age

 Platform: PC User rating: 5 Page visits: 1569 

Easy skills and statistics

If you own a boat and you are able to use a bow or magic, you can get as much strength and stats as needed. First, make sure you have arrows, reagents, recall scrolls, and runes for your boat and a town. Dock the boat at any island that has monsters, especially ones that do not have any visitors, as monsters seem to swarm. Allow the monsters chase you back to your boat. Get on the boat (you will need a friend to be standing inside to let the gang plank down) and the monsters will not be able to get on your boat. Then, pick them off one by one with arrows or spells. If you run out, recall back to a town and buy more. As the monsters spawn, you will be able to do this as long as needed and gain skills and statistics.

100 Strength and Dexterity

To use this trick you need to have a your skill cap at full. If you are using the sword skill, get a mace and kryss and find a
training dummy. Next put all your skills in the lock position and put your macing up and fencing down. Then, just beat the dummy with your mace until you get 20 skill on it, then switch to have fencing up and macing down. Beat the dummy again until you get fencing up to 20. Keep switching and repeat. In five days you should 100 STR and 100 DEX.

Get 100 str,100 int,25 dex or 100 str,100 dex,25 int.

If your making a character that relys on magic and needs all its mana, then go with 100 strength 100 intelligence and 25 dexterity. This is done by having all your skill points capped to 700. A good way to cap your skills if your a beginner is to buy skills from town vendors. (Caution= Buy any skill to max out your caps to 700 except Arms lore,Musicianship & Spirit Speak) These 3 skills will be essential for your stats raise. Since we were talking about Magery or anything relevant to it, You only need to use spirit speak and arms lore. You start off by locking all your skills except arms lore and spirit speak.Make sure atleast one of the two skills has a 10.0 .
The skill with the 10.0 will be drained onto the other skill.So if arms lore is at 10.0 you drain it by using spirit speak. This is done by putting the arrow down on your skills menu. Then once you drain arms lore to spirit speak, Spirit speak should now have the 10.0 and arms lore the o.o .
This is repeated till you have 100 str 100 int and 25 dex. (Guaranteed to work in 2 hours or so)
To have perfect stats for a warrior which would be 100 str 100 dex and 25 int, do the same thing with arms lore and musicianship...

What arms lore does it mostly concentrates on increasing your str (Hitpoints)

What Spirit speak does it mostly concentrates on raising your int (mana).

What Musicianship does it mostly concentrates on lifting your dex (stamina).

SN: Sometimes using arms lore during this trick will raise your int.. Dont be startled this will eventually sort out as you toggle the skills vise versa.

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