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Bagratids Dynasty (Bagratuni)

Third period of independence

885-890 - Ashot Iá
890-914 - Sembat Iá
914-929 - Ashot II, "of Iron"á
921 - Ashot, the Usurperá
929-953 - Abasá
953-977 - Ashot III, "the Merciful"á
977-989 - Sembat II, the Conquerorá
989-1020 - Gagik I (Shahenshah)á
1020-1042 - Sembat III or Hovhannes Sembatá
1020-1042 - Ashot IVá
1042-1045 - Gagik II (died 1079 at Cyzistra) - Surrender and sale of the city of Ani.
1045-1064 - Byzantine dominationá
1047 - Second invasion by Seljukides. City of Ani Capturedá
Kingdom of Vaspurakan (Ardzruni)á
914-937 - Katchik-Gagiká
937-953 - Derenik-Ashotá
953-972 - Abousahl-Hamazaspá
972-983 - Ashot-Sahaká
983-1003 - Gourgen-Khatchiká
1003 - Seneqerim-Hovannes (died 1026)á
1027-1037 - David, at Sivas
1037-1080 - Atom, at Sivasá
1037-1080 - Abousahl, at Sivasá
Kingdom of Karsá
962-984 - Musheghá
984-989 - Abasá
1029-1064 - Gagik (died in Greece 1080)
Kingdom of Armenian Albaniaá
David died 1046á
1046-1082 - Korikeá

The Principality and Kingdom of Cilicia (1080)
Fourth period of independence
Roupenian Dynasty

1. Barons

1080-1095 - Roupen Iá
1095-1099 - Constantine I, The Crusaders in Armenia
1099-1129 - Theros Iá
1129-1137 - Leon I, died 1141 in Constantinopleá
1137-1145 - Rule of the Byzantinesá
1145-1169 - Thoros IIá
1170-1175 - Mleh - Prince of Cilicia
1175-1187 - Roupen IIá
1187-1196 - Leon II (Levon), then as King Leon I 1196-1219á
2. Kings & Queen
1196-1219 - Leon Iá (crowned 1199)á
1219-1252 - Queen Zabelá
1222-1225 - Philipá
Hetoumian Dynasty (Kings)

1226-1270 - Hetoum Iá
1270-1289 - Leon IIá
1289-1297 - Hetoum IIá
1293-1295 - Thorosá
1296-1298 - Sembatá
1298-1299 - Constantin Iá
1301-1307 - Leon IIIá
1308-1320 - Oshiná
1320-1342 - Leon Vá

Lusignan Dynasty (Kings)

1342-1344 - Guy de Lusignan or Constantin IIá
1344-1363 - Constantin IIIá
1363-1365 - Leon IVá
1365-1373 - Constantin IVá
1374-1375 - Leon VI, Died in Paris, 1393
End of the Cilician Kingdom


End of 14th c. to 17th c. - A period of impoverishment & decadence in Armenian Culture
End of 14th c. - Tamburlaine invades Armenia

1512 - First Armenian book printed, in Venice.

Mid 15th c.-1585 - Ottomans & Iranian Safarids Dynasty fought for dominion over Anatolia & the Caucasian region

1585 -Ottomans succeeded in annexing the eastern part of Armenia as far as the Caucasus.

1602-1620 - Armenians deported from Julfa (Djugh) to Isfahan (New Julfa) by king Shah Abbas I of Persia, (100,000 people).á

Liberation Movements - The start of the "Armenian question"

1677-1711 - Israel Ori: independence struggle

1715 - The Mekhitarist Fathers in Venice

1722-1730 - Davit' Bek fights the Ottomans

1762-1796 - Attempts by General Hovsep' (Joseph) Emin & Archbishop Hovsep' Arghut'ian to form an anti-Islamic coalition between Gorgia, Russia & the Armenians failed.

1828 - The treaty of Turkmencay - Eastern Armenia annexed by Russia under the rule of Czar Paul I.

1839 - Tanzimat movement, promoted by Sultan Mahmud II as a stimulus and program for an approach by the Ottoman Empire to the Western culture.

1840-1880 - The Reawakening (Zart'onk) - Expansion of schools and attempts to set up the periodical press. Abolition of clerical monopoly over culture. Changes in the day to day lifestyle. New merchant classes emerged along with professional people, artisans and above all a new class of intellectuals.

1885-1890 - The founding of the three main Armenian political parties: Armenakan (1885, Armenian); Hntchakian (1887, socialist); and Dashnaktsakan (1890).

1893-1894 - Arrests and most atrocious treatments were being carried out by the Ottoman Turks against the Christians (Armenians). Heavy taxes were imposed, hundreds of Armenian civilians were cast into Turkish prisons, stripped of their clothes and tortured in the most diabolical manner. A new low by the Turkish gov. saw the word "Armenia" stricken out of every book. Rights to worship the Christian religion was suppressed. Many more restrictions and laws were put forth to further suppress the Christian communities in the Turkish empire.

1894 onward - Massacres of Armenians at Sassun, Trebizond, Erzrum, Harput, Antab, Marash, Urfa, Bitlis and many other Armenian towns and surrounding villages.

1908 - The Ramkavar political party was founded and few years later the Armenian Communist Party.

1908-1909 - The "Young Turk" Regime came to power in Turkey - Sultan Abdul-Hamid was deposed and exiled to Salonika

1915-1918 - World War I - Over 1.5 million Armenians were massacred and deported out of their homeland by the Turkish Government.

May 28, 1918 - Sardarabat battle (Independence Day) and the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia (1918-1920)

1920 - Treaty of Sevres

1920-1991 - Soviet Armenian Republic

The New Independent Republic of Armenia

September 21, 1991 - Independence day - The establishment of the second Republic of Armenia

October 16, 1991 - Levon Ter-Petrosian elected first President of the Republic of Armenia

April 1998 - Robert Kocharyan was elected the second President of the Republic of Armenia

April 2002 - Robert Kocharyan's re-election for the President of the Republic of Armenia

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