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May, 2004 issue in brief

Editorial – What They and We Want?
The recently frequent facts of recognition of the Armenian Genocide are discussed and the “Armenian Cause” concept is defined. The “solution” of the latter by only recognizing the Armenian Genocide is declared a plot.

Hasmik Goulakyan, Heroic Battles of May 1918
The Sardarapat, Karakilissa and Bash-Aparan heroic battles are presented and their historical importance is assessed. Colonel Nikolay Korganov’s Report to the Armenian Corps Commander An eyewitness and participant report about Karakilissa heroic battle of May 1918.

Hasmik Goulakyan, The Victory of the Armenian Spirit
Interview with Jirair Sefilyan, a repatriate form Lebanon and the commander of Shoushi “Special” Battalion who took part in the liberation struggle of Artsakh. He represents and from moralpsychological perspective assesses the historical significance of the liberation of Shoushi city on May 8-9, 1992.

Souren Martikyan, Commander Vardan Mamikonyan
The young Major of RA Armed Forces makes a thorough strategic analysis of the military talent of the Armenian Sparapet of the 5th century. His analysis is particularly based on the example of Khaghkhagh battle (450 A. D.). The author proves that some of Vardan’s military methods were put into practice for the first time in the world history of Military Art.

Tariel Ghajoyan, The Mormons in our Home
The author thoroughly discusses the Mormons’ sectarian ideology and ascertains that the activity of this heterodoxy in RA constitutes threat to the Armenian State and the National Security.

“Arevik” Computer Courses in Armenian
A CD of lessons for Armenian children published in Aleppo, on the initiative and sponsorship of the Armenian Section of Galoust Gulbengyan Foundation is presented. It is stressed the importance of such CDs in the preservation of the Armenian Culture and Education in the Diaspora.

Artavazd Avagyan, Armenia: The Armenian Church and Clergy
The author, a USA citizen, criticizes the two Catholicoi of the Armenian Church for renunciation of the Armenian national traditions by involvement in the Ecumenical Movement. He claims loyalty to the Armenian spiritual values.

Arshakouni, “The Highlight” of the Month – The Internal Political Situation is Aggravating…
The author analyses the strained internal political situation of RA and its development variants. He believes that the only way out is the constructive dialogue between the opposition and the authorities.

Mavr Danielyan, Authorities – Opposition: A Dialogue of the Deaf
The author satirically expresses his opinion that the RA authorities and the opposition are talking about almost the same, nevertheless they do not want to listen to each other.

Mavr Danielyan, Let’s Build the Triumph in Armenians’ Soul
The author calls to see the reality as it is. He induces to see also the good features besides the bad ones, and at any rate not to lose the faith in the bright future of the Armenians.

Silva Kaputikyan , Kocharyan Must Go
The famous Armenian poetess protests RA President Robert Kocharyan’s harsh methods towards the demonstrators on April 12-13 night. She declares that she has decided to turn back her “St. Mesrop Mashtots” order awarded by the RA President some years ago.

Gevorg Yazedjyan, Danger of Complete Denationalization of the Public Education in RA
The member of the journal’s Editorial Board indicates and thoroughly analyses the dangerous sides of the document called “Educational System State Project” in the education of new Armenian generations.

Hasmik Goulakyan, “We Must Try to Keep Our National Identity”
Interview with Rober Hattechyan, a well-known writer and the editor-in-chief of “Marmara” daily paper published in Constantinople, Turkey. The conversation is focused on the actual state of the Armenian language in the city and in general in Turkey along with the issues of the Armenian community of the country.

New Publications
Bibliographical data and annotations of new publications in RA and abroad related to the Armenian spiritual values.

Open Letter to All Armenians
Melkonyan Educational Institution (Cyprus) Alumni Associations’ Federation appeals to all Armenians in the world to support and help them in their struggle against the closure of MEI.

Simon Maghakyan, Russel Mins: “I don’t Think that USAWill Ever Recognize the Armenian Genocide”
According to the American-Indian leader, the USA, itself a criminal state, will never recognize the Armenian Genocide.

The “Artsiv” (“Eagle”) Soars for the Tenth Year
Congratulations to the Lebanese Armenian literary magazine and reprint of two articles from the March 2004 issue of the magazine concerning RA-Diaspora relations.

Amalya Edigaryan, Hadrout Short Stories
The genealogy, concerns and hopes of Davtyan family settled in Taghasser village near Hadrout city, NKR.

Samvel Iskandaryan, Relations of the Armenian and the World Literature
The author proves that the Armenian literature of the Golden and Middle Ages is the link thanks to which the world and the Armenian literature are not split. The author raises the problem of crucial importance of introducing foreign societies to the Armenian literature.

Gohar Vardoumyan, Narekatsi, the “Miracle-Maker”
The author-ethnographer introduces folk sayings and various narratives about St. Grigor Narekatsi, which confirm that not only Narekatsi was sanctified, but also his belongings and his grave.

Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan, Obstacle and the Totem of the “Transition Period”
The specialist in International Relations rigorously criticizes Babken Harutiunyan and Alexander Iskandaryan who have falsified the Armenian History in their article <Armenia: “The Karabakhization” of the National History> published in Moscow in 1999 and 2003.

Rosa Gabrielyan, Transcaucasia or South Caucasus?
The author believes that the replacement of the concepts of “Transcaucasia” and “Middle Asia” by “South Caucasus” and “Central Asia” was made by the American politicians and is pursuing long-range interests of USA.

Emma Begijanyan, The Implementation of the American Democracy Model?
The author represents and analyses the “Great Middle East” American project and Bernard Luis’s viewpoints in this context. She concludes that the implementation of this project and the forced application of the Western model of democracy in the region are fraught with unpredictable consequences for the countries of the region as well as for the West and particularly for the USA.

Supplement – Armen Ayvazyan, Science and the Falsification can not Coexist
The author, a Candidate of Historical Sciences, responds to the bias criticisms to his address during and after the organized crackdown of his doctorate dissertation on Dec. 9, 2003Ňĺęóůŕ˙ ďîçčöč˙ Download


May 2004


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